About Erica

Growing up, I was the sensitive kid. I wore my heart on my sleeve, I would feel big emotions, and most importantly, I always questioned everything.

Clearly I gave my parents a run for their money but looking back now, I thank god that I never stopped questioning. I never stopped wanting to know WHY.

During my teens and twenties, like so many of us, I was simply trying to survive. I was trying to get graduate high school, then college, get married, buy a home, have two babies, all while my husband was building a business. I was so busy with life that I didn't realize that Spirit was trying to grab my attention.

Through my dreams, my visions, my feelings, my overpowering gut instincts.. I shrugged them off and continued on with my busy life. It wasn't until I turned thirty that Spirit/The Universe was no longer waiting for me to answer the call.

In 2017, I took a trip to the ocean. I remember it all too well. I remember the ocean breeze hiPng my face as I looked out to the Atlantic Ocean. I remember how cold my tears were when the evening breeze hit my cheeks. I was living a life where I felt lost, confused, and not understanding which way I should turn.

The week prior to this exact moment I asked myself so many questions. “Am I depressed?” “Am I suicidal?” “What the FUCK is happening to me?!”

I felt like I went from being the driver of my life, to being the passenger. I started becoming aware of my surroundings, the people who were in my life, how I was living my life, and how my life as I knew it, wasn’t the life I wanted for myself.

I knew I couldn’t go back, but I also had NO IDEA what was coming next. For seven days I walked around completely disconnected. I felt numb, but also alive at the same Xme. Any logical lec-brained person would look at this and label it a manic episode. But I 

wasn’t manic. It was different, and to this day I sXll can’t quite explain it, and that says a lot because my Mercury is in Pisces.

I woke up.

The experience catapulted me onto my spiritual path. I started practicing meditating daily, which then led me down the path of Psychic and Mediumship development. If someone were to ask me 5 years ago what my 5 year plan looked like, I would have NEVER in one million years say I’d be a Professional Psychic Medium teaching others about the Occult and how to develop their own intuitive abilities.

But here we are.


Since then, I have worked with and taught over 700 people through my various classes, workshops, and events, as well as go on to write my first best selling book, The Light Compass.


When it comes to my business and services, one thing will always be certain: As I grow and evolve, so does my business. I continue to step outside of my comfort zone, focus on my own healing, and learn new concepts in order to show up authentically and be the best version of myself.


So if you are still reading this, thanks for spending this time getting to know me. 


I'm happy you made it here.

Lets wake up together.


xo - Erica