About Erica;

What past clients are saying..

Liz Rose Riviera

Erica gave me a very accurate reading. It was very helpful and I’m very impressed with the way it was delivered. I’d definitely recommend a reading from Erica!

Felicity Paige

Erica is amazing at what she does! My card reading was so accurate and her lovely manner in our communications made me feel so comfortable! I highly recommend Erica and look forward to following her page and having another reading in the future

Robin Pond

Erica did a read for me very recently. She was most accurate in reading my tarot spread. Her description of me was spot on, with insights on future direction, and helpful information on how I can grow personally. Erica is a treasure and we are blessed she us sharing her gift to help others in need of guidance and reassurance.

Heather Miller

Erica pulled a couple cards for me yesterday, 1st time, and she was spot on!!! Everything she said resonated perfect with me. Her guidance gave me light. I appreciated her time! Would let her pull cards anytime!! Thank you Erica

Andrea Bondi

Erica has an incredible ability. Weather its reading me or watching her read others she hits it spot on.... EVERY time. I know this gift has been given to her, and shes blown me away, as well as random people I ask her to do readings for. With in just this week alone shes connected dots for me, and I watched a coworker of mine cry tears of happiness because of how accurate she read a loved one who had passed. Erica has so much to offer anyone who needs answers or peace of mind. I have gone to her and will always go to her for guidance and answers.

Birinder J.

Erica did a reading for me on a career issue bothering me and she was spot on....She helped me to do some soul searching and helped me get the right answer. The best thing...she helped me to be at peace and move on.....I am pretty satisfied and would recommend her for any reading or healing.....Thanks and Stay blessed!



Hey! I'm Erica. 

I never enjoyed putting a title to who I am and what I do, so I feel like this is a great place for me to tell you a little about myself and what I do.



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