The Best Spiritual Awakening Books That You Need To Buy Now

Are you a newcomer to spirituality or a spiritual seeker? There are spiritual awakening books for everyone, no matter where you are on your spiritual path. Spiritual awakenings can take years for some people, while they can happen immediately for others. 


We all need guidance along our journey, so why not read books?

What is a spiritual awakening? 


A Spiritual Awakening is one's summon to a higher state of consciousness and mental awareness. Personal discovery and a shift in one's worldview occur due to spiritual awakening. A transformation in one's conceptual framework occurs when one experiences a spiritual awakening. 


Spirituality vs Religion


Spirituality and religion are often confused, even though they are not quite the same thing. Spirituality is an experience that goes far beyond our formal existence. In contrast, religion is an institutional belief in a specific god or gods.


This means that you can be spiritually awakened...

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Buy the Light Compass - Get the workshop for FREE ($99 Value!)

When I was writing The Light Compass, I knew I wanted it to be more than a guidebook. I wanted it to be an experience

I wanted to share the tools that I have learned along the way that have helped me heal, strengthen my connection to Spirit, and believe in myself and a power far greater than anything any of us can ever imagine.


There is no right way to walk the spiritual path. There is only your path. 

The path back to home to yourself,

The path of healing and growth and many 'WTF' moments.


The Light Compass is meant to be a guidebook, a guiding light as you begin to wake up to your souls calling and walk the path you are destined to be on.

When you purchase a copy of my book, The Light Compass, you get lifetime access to my virtual workshop, The Light Compass Workshop {$99 value} for free.

Simply share a photo or video of your copy of the book on Instagram or TikTok, be sure to tag me in it (@ericawrusso) and i'll send you access to the workshop.



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What Intuition Means: How To Develop Your Intuition Now

 Have you ever had a feeling that something wasn't quite right? Maybe you've been out late at night alone, or you've had a weird feeling about someone, and you don't know why?


If so, how many times has this wrong feeling been right? 


That wrong feeling is your intuition or your gut feeling.



What Intuition Means


Intuition is the ability for someone to understand something right away without thinking about it. It is what I like to call your internal guidance system.


Our intuition isn't based on logic. It isn't the result of a carefully thought-out process that can be shared or justified. Intuition simply feels normal.


What Does Intuition Have To Do With Spirituality? 

What Chakra Represents Intuition? 



The sixth chakra represents intuition. 


As previously said, being intuitive means having a sense of knowing about something; this might also entail being a medium, clairaudient,...

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The Best Spiritual Journey Books To Read Now


Spiritual journey books will help you along your journey so I am sharing some of my favorite with you! Spiritual journeys have been pursued a variety of reasons, including self-improvement, seeking inner peace, and discovering more about oneself. A spiritual journey might be a personal awakening or your quest for answers to life's most pressing concerns. 


What is a spiritual journey? 


A spiritual journey is one in which you discover who you are, what your life challenges are, and how to achieve harmony with the world around you.


What is the purpose of a spiritual journey? 


A spiritual journey is rarely about finding answers; instead, it is about asking questions repeatedly.


Signs you are being called to start your spiritual journey

  • You yearn for a place that you can call " home."
  • You're always trying to figure out what your meaning or purpose in life is.
  • You have the feeling that you have a significant journey ahead of you.
  • ...
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The truth about being psychic

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2022


When I made the decision to develop my psychic and mediumship abilities, I remember thinking how I had absolutely no idea what my life was going to look like once I fully commit to opening myself up to higher realms of consciousness, and spirit.


Was I going to see dead people all over the place?

Was I going to be even more sensitive to the energy of other people?

Was I going to see unicorns, and monsters, and know everyones thoughts?


While I was developing and taking classes, I would drive 45 minutes away to a psychic and mediumship development class every Monday night. I remember one cold night while leaving the class and hopping on the interstate, I thought to myself "being psychic really isn't that much different to what my life was prior to developing."


Yes, I was more sensitive to energy.

Yes, the weird psychic and spiritual experiences were becoming more profound and more frequent, but other than that life went on like it normally would.



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Sneak peak of the Light Compass!

A healer is someone who has the ability to turn trauma into wisdom.

She is one who experiences pain and takes the necessary action to heal rather than to fix.

She finds comfort in nature, and is often times drawn to the water, because of its natural healing abilities.

She understands her divine nature and listens to the whispers of her soul.

She often times will feel like an outsider at an early age because she lives in a world where most need healing, When she is the one who heals.

She holds the mind of an eternal student, for in knowledge comes wisdom, and within wisdom comes healing.

She has a natural ability of making one feel safe and seen.

She radiates a vibrant green aura.

Healers walk among us in many different professions.

Some wear scrubs, others cut hair.

Some are teachers, others are Spiritual readers.

When it comes to being a healer, it is not about what you do.

It is about who you are.

You’re a healer at the soul level, You have been a healer for many...

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I'm featured in Mantra Magazine!

It occured to me today that my name is casually hanging out on the magazine of Barnes & Noble today.


That my work, my mission, and my purpose now has tangible, physical, proof. Something you can hold, something you can feel, something that is on coffee tables and in airports. 


Flipping through this months Mantra Wellness Magazine reminded me of the first time my work was ever in print. I was 14 and trying to make sense of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack. Trying to wrap my adolescent head around such hate and heartbreak, I grabbed the nearest journal and just started writing. The next morning, I showed my home room teacher and he praised me for my work. He asked me if he could submit it to a national teen writing contest. 

I remember the excitement that coursed through my veins at that moment. "YES!" I said, unable to wipe the smile off my face.


My poem was published a couple of months after, and I remember running inside my home with the copy of all...

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creating YOUR spirituality

As exciting as it is to begin diving into your connection to the universe and getting to know your own soul,


You can EASILY get bombarded. 


There are PLENTY of opinions, plenty of opposing views, and plenty of "experts" that will tell you the way the universe works and how to manifest the life of your wildest dreams. 

So much of spirituality is based upon a persons experience or belief, rather than actual concrete facts.


When you find yourself in a place like this you have to be able to take a step back.

You have to remind yourself that the reason you chose spirituality is because you did not like the confines society and religions placed upon you.


You chose spirituality because you wanted to listen and hear the whispers of the universe. 


You chose spirituality because it's completely and totally customizable to what works for you. 


YOU get to figure out what you believe in.

YOU get to decide what lights you up and allows...

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Be in the world, but not of it.

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

This human shit is hard.

Today, I just want to be in the clouds. 


Away from the bullshit.

Away from the stress.

Away from the mundane.

Away from the notifications, the to-do lists,

the laundry, the dishes... ALL OF IT.


I find myself daydreaming about sitting on my meditation pillow, with my favorite incense burning, and taking a journey within. 


I'm yearning for solitude, for connection to myself, to be amongst the stars..


I'm missing home. The place amongst the cosmos where there is no sign of pain or fear, disconnection or doubt.


The place where true, unconditional, unfiltered love is in abundance for all who welcomes it.


This is for the daydream believers,

the truth seekers, 

the gypsy souls and modern mystics.

The ones who always knew there was more out there..

The ones who believe in the journey.

the ones who believe.


The ones who yearn for a life beyond measure,

A connection stronger than the voice...

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The secret people don't tell you about abundance.

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2022

The Universe is an unlimited and free flowing, ever evolving system. It's natural state is to create abundance. 


An abundance of resources.

An abundance of wealth.

An abundance of opportunities.

An abundance of happiness.

Love... prosperity... you name it, the universe, the one in which you are a part of, creates it with ease.


Then why are you not receiving the abundance you desire even when you are intentional in your manifestations? 


It's because you are not allowing it in.

Your ability to receive is at a novice or beginner level. 


Opening ones self up to receiving, whether it be a compliment, a free coffee, or thousands of dollars, is a skill. 

It's something you have to work on. 

It's something that must be nurtured over time.

Little by little, you shed the layers, the stories, the beliefs systems that are blocking you from receiving the gifts the universe is sending you. 


These stories that you tell yourself are...

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