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abraham hicks journal work law of attraction manifestation manifesting mindset visualization Mar 24, 2020

There is a hot new buzz word going around, you most likely have heard of it. Manifestation. 


More people are using this word in their everyday vocabulary. In fact, people are building 6-7 figure businesses on the topic of TEACHING manifestation. Crazy, right?


So what exactly is MANIFESTATION?

an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.


So in simple terms, it is when a thought or idea comes into fruition.


Now, think of how many times you thought of something, anything, good or bad and it actually came into existence. That is because we came into this life being natural manifestors. Manifesting isn't something you have to work on. It is something that is already within you.

At this point, you might be sitting here shaking your head being like "well, sh!t.. Some of the stuff in my life that I have manifested isn't what I actually wanted!" 


Worry not my friend, you are not alone.


I want to share with you the difference between manifesting and conscious manifestation. 

Conscious manifesting requires you stay present and aware of the vibration and thoughts you are currently holding. Conscious manifestation allows you to have control over the things you are currently manifesting into existence. This level of manifestation allows you to take control of your life.

Do you want to consciously manifest?


Here are 3 tips to help you start taking control of your life and what it is you are currently manifesting:


One of the reasons your manifestation efforts are not working might be because you keep switching up your order. Let me show you an example:


You are at Olive Garden, and the waiter comes to take your order - you decide on the Tour of Italy. Once the waiter goes to put in your order, you notice that they are still having the never-ending pasta dish for $9.99 and you decide that you want that instead. So you run who already submitted your order and the cooks have already saw your order on the screen and started gathering all the ingredients. He then runs backs and stops the process and changes your order. 

Your first manifestation (tour of italy) was already in the works. It was already in the stages of development when you decided you didn't want to manifest that anymore. Therefore, when you put in your next order - it had to start at the bottom. 


As natural manifestors, we do this a lot without knowing it. We sabotage the manifestation process. I know I have! 




As I stated before, I am totally guilty of switching up my manifestation order to the universe. More times than I can count. But once I decided on what it is I actually want, what it is I want to attract - the process become easy.

HOMEWORK: Take an afternoon and get outside. Nature is a great listener. Before you get out of your car, set the intention of clearing your monkey mind, your to-do list, all of those things that occupy our energy and thinking and allow of that junk to stay in your car. 

I want you to walk out of your car with a clear mind, free of any distraction. And ask yourself this question -

"If I can have my perfect life, 

  1. What would it look like
  2. How would I feel
  3. How would I show up to it."


Allow your imagination to take the reigns. Allow yourself to FEEL the FEELINGS. Paint the picture of your life. I like to do this activity every couple of months, just to give an extra oomph in the manifestation process. 

TIP: It's the feeling associated with what it is we want to manifest that is the secret sauce. So be like Drake and get all up on your feeeeliinngggsss.



Visualization is a POWERFUL tool that does not get enough credit. One of my spiritual teachers, Abraham Hicks, says that 15 minutes of visualization a day is more powerful that 9 hours of hard work. And you know what? IT'S THE TRUTH!

Once I started incorporating a 15 minutes visualization exercise into my day, my life and my business changed! Here are some examples:

Like many new entrepreneurs, I struggled with manifesting my ideal client. The clients I was attracting in both my coaching practice and spiritual readings were not the people I envisioned myself working with.

Often times they would sign up for a coaching program and within a couple of weeks, could no longer afford minimal payments. With my spiritual readings, I was attracting clients that were still in the victim mentality. So, needless to say I became frustrated. 

That is when I went to my trusted teacher, Abraham Hicks.

If you have not yet heard of Abraham, let me first tell you that Abraham is a collection of non physical beings that is channeled through a wonderful woman names Esther Hicks. I know, it's wild. But HOLY CRAP is the information accurate, and powerful, and recognized but many experts!

Abraham once spoke about the power of visualization, and that a daily practice of visualization for 15 minutes is more powerful than 9 hours of hard labor. SIGN ME UP.

So, that is what I started doing. Everyday before even getting out of bed, I created a ritual of visualizing my ideal client. What our 1:1 sessions would look like, the breakthroughs I would witness while working with them, all of it. 

The next time I opened the doors to my 1:1 Intuitive & Mediumship Development Coaching Program, my personal goal was to attract 5 of my ideal clients. I manifested nine. 

I'm still shaking my head about it. These women are the exact representation of my ideal client and I give mad props to my daily visualization ritual for this beautiful manifestation.

HOMEWORK: Start a 15 minute visualization practice. Think of what it is you want to attract. FEEL the feelings. VISUALIZE the scenery, allow your imagination to run wild. Have fun!


I'm about to drop a bomb on ya. Nobody is going to be high vibrational all of the time. Life is going to have both good and bad. Happy and sad. And if you want to attract high vibe things like love, success, money, financial freedom, and joy - we have to keep ourself in check.

This is why starting a manifestation journey is crucial. This tool is not only going to allow you to check in with yourself, it is also going to allow you to do some intense mindset work which is crucial if you want to become a conscious manifestor.


HOMEWORK: Grab a journal and get to work. Here are three journal prompts that will jumpstart your manifestation efforts and mindset reform:

  1. Write one thing you want to manifest in the following categories:
    2. MATERIAL OBJECT (Prada Bag, Luxury Car, Burberry Scarf, ect...)
    3. EVENT (Speak on stage at a conference, meet your mentor, ect..)
  2. What does the next level version of myself look like? How do you walk, talk, who do you hang out with, what clothes do you wear, what books do you read. Write this in PRESENT TENSE.
  3. Write down an affirmation that will compliment what it is you are currently trying to manifest. Example: If you are manifesting $10,000 - write down I am a money making magnet. Money comes to me easily. 

Write this statement over and over again for 2-3 minutes. Recite it in your mind. This is rewiring your brain to shift your mindset which will also help your manifestation process.




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