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35 signs you are an Earth Angel

earth angel traits Sep 30, 2019

Starseeds, Lightworkers, Earth Angels...

Although all these labels have very similar characteristics, there are differences between them all. 

Regardless of what you believe yourself to be, we all are light beings with a divine connection to source energy.

In this blog post, I will discuss what an earth angel is as well as characteristics and traits that show you are an earth angel!

Before we go ahead, I want to let you know that this information is channeled with the help of my amazing spirit guide :)


Ready, let's go!

What is an Earth Angel?

An earth angel is a soul whom reincarnates as a human with a direct mission to save and nurture humanity. Earth angels are genetically programed to wake up to their souls calling at a certain point in time in order to start their mission as a light worker.

Earth Angels are considered to be light workers and many hold the same characteristics as star seeds, indigos, and empaths - but Earth Angels are souls that in the previous lifetime we actual angelic beings. Having time in the angelic realm prior to incarnation allows the souls to have a wider perception and connection to the angelic realm which allows them more access to divine knowledge and love.

Earth Angels are considered to be old souls due to their vast experiences on earth and are only rewarded with the opportunity to become an earth angel when the council of light has reviewed their akashic record and determined one fit to guide humanity to unconditional love.

28 Signs You're An Earth Angel!

  1. You have natural tendency to figure problems out on your own, with very little help from others.
  2. You have strong urge to stick up for people who have been mistreated.
  3. You have had experiences in your life where things occurred(such as psychic or angelic phenomena)  with no proof or explanation behind it.
  4. You are highly sensitive to sound, light, energy, and textures.
  5. You hold a deep knowing that you are meant for more.
  6. You hold a deep sensitive connection to animals and nature.
  7. You have an incredible ability in human language. Either through poetry, song writing, blogging, or story telling.
  8. You often get upset over situations that do not concern you.
  9. You create space for those in need of guidance.
  10. You have a tendency to walk a different path than others. You don't need many people in your life.
  11. You constantly worry that you are bothering others. You frequently say sorry for things you should not apoligize for, like speaking your truth or saying something that may seem offensive to another.
  12. You have always been guided to the occult. Whether it be crystals, herbs, or magick.
  13. You have always been able to see the bigger picture, even at times of deep anxiety and worry.
  14. You have very little tolerance of drama and hasty conversations that lower your vibration.
  15. You cry at the drop of a hat.
  16. You catch yourself naturally holding the door open, smiling at stranger, or being kind for no reason.
  17. You don't allow people to lower your vibration. You have a firm understanding that your vibration is your connection to source and you work to maintain a healthy, high vibration.
  18. You look younger than you actually are.
  19. You may have been labeled the black sheep of the family and often felt misunderstood.
  20. As children, Earth Angels have a tendency to be diagnosed with various cognitive disorders or may find themselves in rough situations in their adolescence.
  21. You have always had an extremely vivid imagination and often day dream a lot.
  22. It is difficult for you to stay grounded, since you are so connected to source and the 7th and 9th dimensions.
  23. You can't help but to say the words that no one else is saying. You may hold an uncomfortable feeling within yourself until you say what is on your mind and speak your truth.
  24. You have always had an open mind and find the joy in just about anything.
  25. You dislike confrontation but do not shy away from it because you know confrontation often leads to a better understanding and respect.
  26. You read people extremely well and often pick up on aspects of them that need to be healed.
  27. You find yourself wanting to be alone, or labeled an introvert.
  28. You have the ability to be the meditator in heated arguments.
  29. You find yourself wanting to expand your consciousness and awareness through books, courses, workshops, and more.
  30. You don't have a problem with being wrong, so long as you learn something in the process.
  31. Your intuition has always been strong and you have used it for many occasions.
  32. You are not competitive by any means. You tend to hold the belief that everyone is a winner in their own right!
  33. You have problems with your 3 lower chakras, especially the root chakra.
  34. You have never been drawn to vanity. You are much more of a down to earth, go with the flow type of soul.
  35. You have always held a deep knowing, even at a young age, that you are here to humanity.



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