3 Things I have learned while being a parent

Lately, the topic of parenting and spirituality has been on my mind. 


A couple of weeks ago, after working a full day of creating content and finishing up modules for my coaching program, I felt drawn to take a quick 15 minute meditation break. 


As I lit my candle and sat in front of my alter to start the process of quieting my mind, I could here teen titans blasting downstairs and my children bickering back and forth while my husband tried to separate them.


The whole time this was happening I was acutely aware of it occurring, but I still sat. I still allowed myself to be the observer. 


Soon after that noise died down, the UPS guy showed up with one of my many Amazon packages I have recently ordered. This caused my two basset hounds to completely crazy with barking and howling. Never the less, I allowed my meditation to persist. 


Why? You ask.


Because I value my connection to myself and source.

Because regardless of what is happening in my house, in my world, in my state, in my country - one thing I can always rely on is spirit. 

And lastly, I know that I cannot control everything. And neither can you.


Having a spiritual awakening while being a parent has been in absolute gift. I never considered myself to be depressed or suffer from anxiety but once you wake up, and once you are able to witness your everyday mindset and the thoughts you think, and how you react to certain situations, you realize there is ALWAYS room for improvement.


I have learned a lot being an 'awoken parent' but there are 3 things in particular that I have learned that have transformed my life, my parenting, my relationships, and the overall energy in my home. And I want to share them with you.

1) If you are happy, your kids are happy.

It burns my ass seeing overworked, restless, exhausted moms breaking their asses and giving everything they can to their families and not valuing the importance of their own well being. 

Repeat after me,


I feel like 80% of moms struggle with the concept of putting themselves first, and honestly, I was one of them. 

For the first five years of being a stay at home parent, I lost my sense of self. I had no idea who I was other than a wife and a mom. I couldn't tell you what my hobbies were, or my favorite cocktail or meal.. I couldn't tell you what outfit I felt the most sexy in. I wasn't Erica. I just did what I had to do and that was my life.

As soon as I woke up, I knew that putting myself first, and finding those things that light me up, would not only benefit me, but benefit the people I love the most.

I started meditating, and diving into personal and spiritual development, I started reading again, I started buying things for myself without extreme guilt. And you know what happened? Everyone in my household benefitted.

My kids were freaked out at first when I started putting on makeup but now they say things like "Wow Mom! You look really pretty today!" 

When I am able to sneak in 2 meditations in a day my husband sees how much calmer and happier I am!

And when I take a weekend to drive up to my parents house in Rhode Island at the beach, I come home refreshed, and rested, and ready to take on the world.


When you are in alignment, everyone around you benefits. You will naturally life the vibration of your surroundings. So instead of just saying you will do something for yourself, go and actually do it!

2) Parenting is a shit show. Meditation Helps.

Have you ever locked yourself in the closet just to take a break?

Have you ever sat on your bathroom floor eating the last of your kids halloween candy as they threw a temper tantrum in the hallway?

Have you ever busted your ass cleaning the house and making it sparkle for it to be completely trashed the next day?

Have you ever bought a massive jumbo size of a particular snack that your child eat morning noon and night for them to suddenly tell you "it's yucky." ?

Has your kid ever ratted you out to grandma and grandpa or their teacher?

If you have answered yes to any of these, chances are YOU ARE A PARENT.

This shit is nuts. There are so many "WTF" moments throughout your day that by the end of it, you can feel totally defeated. 

Here is a true story:

I didn't go into my spiritual journey wanting to develop my psychic senses and mediumship. I started meditating everyday for the benefits it gave me. I wanted to clear my mind and see things differently. I wanted to be calmer and happier. It wasn't until I started going deeper into my meditation practice that spirit started showing up. My intuition and mediumship abilities just grew naturally as I quieted my mind and spent time with my soul. 

The American Meditation Society states that the best meditation practice is 2x per day for 20 minutes each time. It can be hard when you are starting out but there are so many way to make your practice unique and custom-made for you!

My advice? Start with 10 minutes and gently work your way up to twenty. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THOUGHTS COME IN! Don't beat yourself up about it. It's not meditation perfect, it's meditation practice. 


Be sure to check out my guided meditations on my podcast!

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When you are a parent, you have chosen to bring another soul into this world. Think about that for a second. You chose long before you got baby fever and started pinning nursery room ideas that you were going to be the parent of this beautiful soul that is your child.

You chose them, and they chose you.

You can read all the books,

listen to all the podcast,

watch all of the TED TALKS, 

but when it comes down to it - your children are your greatest teachers.

My teachers, Kyle & Nathan

They teach you joy, the power of vulnerability, selflessness, patience, control, and how to be of service. Allow them to be your teacher. You'll be amazed at just how wise they really are.




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