5 Fool-Proof ways to enhance your psychic skills

I'm here to drop a massive truth bomb.

 WE ARE ALL PSYCHIC. It isn't just for the selected few that have been gifted with the gifts of fortune telling and speaking to those that have crossed over in this lifetime. Being psychic, intuitive, or mediumistic is not something that is passed down from generation to generation.
WE ALL HAVE THE ABILITY TO EXPAND OUR AWARENESS. Which, is exactly what being psychic is! Expanded consciousness.

Take it from me. Nobody in my family has ever claimed to be "psychic."

This spiritual gift I have was not passed down for 5 generations.

This "gift" is within all of us.

It is up to us if we want to strengthen it.


When I started diving into my spiritual and psychic development, I questioned myself ALOT. Like a whole lot. I put myself against these insane standards. Yet, through it all and my my understand of what it actually means to be "psychic" or "intuitive" I have found these 5 core ideas/tools to be the most potent and beneficial in my development as a Psychic Medium.


Are you ready? Let's go!



If I can only give you one thing that will help your Psychic and Spiritual development it would be the gift of a daily meditation practice. It was my daily meditation practice that brought me to my enhanced consciousness. It was through the act of quieting my own mind that I was able to listen to the voice of spirit. How much should you meditate? I good place to start is for 20 minutes, 2x per day. Most people will tell you to do it first thing in the morning and right before you goto bed but honestly, this all depends on you and what works for your schedule.

I have a couple of guided meditations available on my podcast for you! Use the links to below to check them out!

Cord Cutting Meditation 

Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation

Chakra Clearing Meditation


When I first started developing my skills, I went ahead and purchased a binder, paper, and dividers. When I was organizing my new binder, I titled the divider the subject in which I wanted to study and practice. They were: Psychic Development, Mediumship, Crystals, Reiki, and Angels. Of course, you can choose whatever subjects you want - this is just an example of how I started.


I joined a BUNCH of free psychic development groups on facebook and practiced reading photos nearly everyday - both of people who are still living and that have passed. I kept tabs on how many times I got a photo right and when I got it wrong. This practice helped me ALOT. I saw my accurate readings skyrocket which then helped me gain the confidence I needed to put myself out there as a psychic medium. So many of us when we are starting out lack confidence. Trust me - it is not just you. I know SO many Intuitives that still question themselves meanwhile their readings are SPOT ON.


Go ahead and grab yourself a binder and start tallying up your hits and misses, you might surprise yourself ;)

 If you are REALLY serious about enhancing your psychic skills, my course Enhance your Psychic Skills & Intuition is a great place to start and it is affordable!


When you are doing any kind of psychic or spiritual work, it is important to stay grounded and protected. Grounding simply means that you stay grounded to the energy of the earth and you don't go too far into spirit world and get all loopy. Protection is simply to protect your energy and auric field from any bad or negative energy. Both of these can be done with a simple 5 minute grounding and protection meditation. I have a FREE grounding and protection meditation available on my youtube channel. You can check it out here!



This one might not seem important, but it is. Psychic work is a sacred and spiritual act and we must treat it like that. Creating a place in your home where you pay tribute to Spirit shows that your respect the gifts that spirit has given you. You don't have to go crazy but you do want a place in your home that is for your ever growing relationship with spirit and your soul. Decorate as you wish, some things you can add are crystals, candles, flowers, a vision board. This is YOUR space, do add whatever makes you feel happy and heart filled.



We all have bad and good days, horrible days and fantastic days - remember that your with these differences of days means shift in your alignment and vibration. When doing psychic work, we want to be high vibrational! Meaning feeling good, having a positive mindset, radiating positivity into the world. The higher our vibration is - the easier it is to connect with higher dimensions. When you make your alignment a priority, your vibration is going to be stronger.


What is alignment? It is the feeling of pure joy! You know the feeling, like when you were 6 yeas old on Christmas morning, the time you held your child in your arms, when you fell in love - that kind of joy. Do more of what makes you HAPPY! And give yourself permission to have an off day. It happens, human life is hard.






(Filled with recommendations of books, documentaries, crystals, and essential oils for your spiritual journey.)



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