5 reasons it sucks to be an empath

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If you are anything like me you need to know ALL THE THINGS. You have most likely found blog posts talking about the traits of being an empath, and how intuitive you are, and the importance of grounding and protection. But through your search, you most likely haven't found an article on why being ultra sensitive SUCKS.


Low and behold, this is where I come in.


I struggled with my highly sensitive nature for most of my life. Being labeled "too sensitive" since childhood, I ended up either avoiding things all together or energetically shutting down.


I now use my sensitivity as my own super power. But I still know and at times deal with some obstacles that make me remember why it can really suck being an empath - and I'm sharing them with you today.


Let me know if any of these reasons resonate with you or you have experience them in your own life!

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and this is especially true when you are a highly sensitive individual.


1) You never have as much fun as your friends.

Have you ever been out on the town with your best girlfriends and all of the sudden while jamming out to 90's pop on the dance floor you start to feel uncomfortable? You start to daydream about being home in your bed alone with a nice hot cup of chamomile tea and reruns of friends? In a quick minute, you go from being the life of the party to feeling insecure and wanting to hide in the closet. This type of quick shift is due to what is called "transmarginal inhibition." This is the scientific terminology of saying you have basically reached energy overload and your energetic nervous system starts to shut down. When living life as an empath, BALANCE plays an important role in our lives. Figuring out our own energetic shut down points allows us to create boundaries for ourselves which helps us not get to this point of energetic shut down.


2) You are like filet mignon for energy vampires.

Believe it or not - there are such people who are "energy vampires" and you most likely have come into contact with at least one at some point in your life. Energy vampires are exactly what you think they are - they are people who unknowingly suck the energy of the people around them. There are several different types of energetic vampires - some come in the form of narcissists, others might be serial complainers. Regardless of what kind of vampire you have come in contact with, you most likely left the meeting feeling drained and exhausted. Even with the best of boundaries and intentions, some energy vampires can still grab ahold of your energy and leave you feeling depleted.


3) You can be labeled a judgmental, snotty bitch.

One thing that comes with being an empath, you are naturally good at reading people. You know when someone is lying, when someone is fake, and when someone does not have the best of intentions. Have you ever been the only one of your friends that couldn't stand a certain person? You would feel uncomfortable every time they were around? I can't tell you how many times my friends would roll their eyes at me when i said "I don't like so-and-sos energy." My energy sensitivity never steered me wrong and I am sure you can say the same thing - but it does come at a price. People who are not empaths don't understand, therefore they will quickly label you as being too judgmental, or rude. It is hard when you are sensitive by nature to not take this personally. But remember, your sensitive nature make you super special, so wear it with pride.


4) You cry at a drop of a hat.

OK. Think quick - think back to the last 5 reasons you shedded some tears. Do any of them sound a bit extreme? I will be the first one to say: I cry easily, like super easily. I have cried during the 5pm news. I have cried at basically every Disney movie. I have cried watching those sweet heartwarming quick videos that are all over facebook.. you know the ones i am talking about - with the rescued animals, or the parents/spouses surprising their families coming home from deployment early... Yeah.. those ones. WE ARE SENSITIVE!!!! WE ARE GOING TO CRY!! Let me know in the comments below if you have any chuckle worthy sob stories!


5) You scare easily.

Girl, you are sensitive like no other! So it is not surprising that you scare easily. It's not because you are a scaredy cat - it's because your nervous system is wired differently than the average person. It goes on high alert quickly, which means you probably jolt at anything out of the ordinary. Some examples might of this might be - when someone walks into a room, something falls off the wall, the phone rings.. All these common things might just scare the crap out of you. I wish i could tell you that I have found the magical solution to stop being so scared of common things - but that is not the case. This is a lifelong trait we must endure.


Girl... I see you.

I know what it's like to be the weird one.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by energy.

I know how it feels to just want to be alone in a quiet place. It is not because I am depressed, it's just because solitude allows us to recharge.


I read all the books. And the blogs. And watched all the documentaries. And I created a course to help YOU, my fellow empath - get a handle on your sensitive nature and turn it into your superpower!!


I want this information to be available for everyone who wants it at a reasonable cost.

I want you to have this information to help you as you get to know yourself, and your sensitive nature.

That is why I want you to have it for $9.99.


You can grab the course here.

**IMPORTANT - USE CODE 'INTUITIVESOUL' at checkout to grab the course for $9.99.


Light & love,



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