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5 Steps to strengthen your connection with your soul

alignment awaken ego gratitude intuition meditation soul spiritguide spiritjunkie spritualawakening what is ego May 03, 2019

Now a days, the term souls is loosely used. From soul mates, to soul searching - I can safely say that we are now living in a "soul" obsessed generation.

More and more people are quitting their jobs, packing up and traveling the world because it is what their soul guided them to do. More and more people are learning to trust the inner voice within them in order to manifest the life they have always dreamed of. 

If you are reading this, chances are you are craving for a deeper connection to yourself, to your soul. You want to tap into the universal secrets that you hold deep within yourself. 

Before we go any further - PLEASE remember that we are NOT humans having a spiritual experience. We are SOULS have a human experience.

You, my beautiful friend, have always been a soul. You have been on your journey since birth. You have endured some of your many lessons already. You have already connected in some way, shape, or form to your soul because YOU ARE READING THIS. 

The key to connecting with your higher self isn't some sort of extensive spiritual weekend workshop, or something you need someone else to help you do. It is learning to stop the chatter and chaos of life in order to just be still and let your soul guide you. 

In this article i share 5 tips that have helped me[and many others] have a deeper connection to their soul. To create a beautiful, lasting relationship with it, and use it as your daily compass. 

Ok girlfriend. Here going nothing!


You have heard it time and time again. Meditation is the #1 tool for strengthening your connection to your higher self and inner guidance. The practice of meditation not only quiets the mind of stress, anxiety, and depression- but trains it to be still enough in order for you to truly experience the power of spirit. The power of your soul. The American Meditation Society says 2x per day for 20 minutes each is an ideal daily meditation practice, but personally - anything more than 15 minutes really does wonders! 

Remember not to go into a meditation session thinking that the goal is to stop your thoughts. You are never going to stop your thoughts! Go into the meditation by setting the intention of simply observing your thoughts. 


The first thing you must do is be aware of your ego. What is the ego? 

The ego is a collection of ideas we carry around.

I am what I have

I am what I do

I am my reputation

I am separate from everybody else

I am separate from god.

So, now that we know what the ego is - We now need to responsibility of putting it in its place. When thoughts come up that you know are driven by your ego, simply be aware of them. Say to yourself[or your ego.] 'I see you, but you are not going to win this one.' 

We battle our egos everyday. It tell us we are not worthy. We can't get the guy. We can't lose the weight. We're not going to get the job. Remember this. Understand this. Our ego pulls us farther away from our highest self. It makes us believe that we are not connected to source energy [which we are.] Our ego wants us to stay small and the closer you get to source - the stronger it's hold will be because it becomes afraid that it won't be able to control any longer.


Expressing gratitude is a great way to become more connected to your soul. When you express gratitude, your vibrations rise, when your vibrations rise, you become more in alignment, when you are in alignment - you are closest to your highest self/your soul. When you first wake up in the morning, take 5 minutes and do a gratitude purge. Write down everything you are grateful for for 5 minutes. Notice how you feel when you are doing this exercise. Do you feel lighter? do you feel joy? Gratitude is a powerful tool. Use it wisely!


Our intuition is basically a texting service from you soul to you. It is super subtle, and at times makes absolutely no sense. Trust it. Embrace it. LISTEN TO IT. Strengthening your intuition is simple! You can start small and ask yourself a simple question like "where should I eat lunch today." Close your eyes and allow your thoughts to subside. Whatever thought or idea comes to your mind first is your intuition! Another way you can strengthen your intuition is by putting your favorite playlist on shuffle and before the song ends, ask yourself - "what song is going to play next?" Notice how you feel.. do you feel pumped up or wanting to go lay in bed? That might be a indication that it is going to be a dancing jam or a slow relaxing song. I love this exercise! I do it every time I do cardio (it gets my mind off the actual cardio as well, lol.) 


This one came straight from my spirit guide. He explained it me like this -

"Human existence has not been designed to break you. Your whole existence was carefully designed to bring you closer to source. The lessons, the heartbreak, the turmoil is chosen by you before you reincarnate. When the lesson shows up, it is up the the individual to do with it what they will. It is a free will universe after all. The key to alignment is joy. It always has been and always will be. Find the the things that bring you joy. Make sure they are incorporated into your life. You are meant to learn the lessons, but you are also meant to be happy. One must understand this in order to truly connect with ones highest self."

Alignment = joy. That is basically the short version. Incorporate more joy into your life. Go play with some puppies, go book the vacation, go watch the sunset.. whatever it is - DO IT. GO. NOW.

That is it for now beautiful soul, 

Love & light*

Erica xx


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