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5 signs your third eye is opening

brow chakra is my third eye open open third eye third eye Sep 16, 2019
The third eye symbolizes an enlightened state of consciousness through which one can perceive the world and your reality. 
The third eye, also known as the brow chakra which the 7th chakra point in the human body is the gateway to psychic seeing (clairvoyance.)
When your third eye is open, you have a gateway to higher dimensions, spirit, and psychic realms. Your consciousness of the outside world is expanded and you hold a divine knowing or spiritual wisdom.
Your third eye can open naturally on its own, in its own time or you can set the intention to open it yourself! Pretty cool, eh?
Here are 10 signs your third eye is opening:
1) A feeling of detachment
When your third eye opens naturally, you might have a sense of feeling completely detached from your life and reality. When your third eye opens, you start to understand the bigger picture. You start to see the universe as a much bigger place than you originally thought possible. This is because spirit/source/the universe whatever you want to call it is knocking at your door. It wants to be let in to your reality in order to guide and teach you. Feelings of sadness and being alone is a totally normal step in the process. When you are feelings this type of way, it's important to hold faith and to allow the feelings to pass. 
2) A tingling/throbbing sensation in between your eyebrows
Ever feel a vibrating/tingling sensation in the middle of your brows? This is a physical manifestation of your third eye attempting to open. When you feel this sensation, this is your body wanting to establish a connection to source energy/spirit. Don't sweat it. Allow it to happen!
3) A heightened sense of intuition
Your intuition is your calling card from source/your soul. It comes to us in different ways. Some common ways your our soul speaks to us is through physical symptoms such as goosebumps, chills, clear knowings, and much more. Your intuition is also directly connected to your third eye. When your third eye begins to awaken, your sense of connection to spirit and source is much greater. 
My first indication that my third eye was opening was when I started foreseeing future events which came true. It is important to know that YOUR INTUITION IS COMPLETELY UNIQUE TO YOU. You receive divine guidance differently than anyone else. Be aware of how your intuition speaks to you so that when it does - you know your third eye is on fire.
4) Heightened Sensitivity
The more you open up to spirit the more sensitive you become. Sound will become more noticeable, your vision will become stronger, as well as your other senses. This is a physical manifestation of a higher level of consciousness. At times, certain things will become very hard to process and deal with, such as very loud noises, certain smells, and textures. I would love to tell you that this will pass, but unfortunately, from my own experience - it doesn't. You just learn to deal with it. 
5) Vivid dreams
The easiest way spirit can communicate with us is through our dreams. it is when our monkey mind is finally at peace and the gateway to other dimensions is opened. If you have started experienced really wild dreams, or you are someone like me and actually start remembering your dreams, this is a huge indicator that you are indeed in the process of opening your third eye. A great way to learn from your dreams and learning the symbols of spirit is by keeping a dream journal. Keep the journal write on your bedstead so that as soon as you wake up in the morning, you can write down what you experienced the night before.
So there ya have it! Wherever you are on your spiritual path, I hope this article has been helpful! Check out below for more FREE recourses!



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