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The things on your vision board and written in your journal aren't going to show up just because you desire them.

They aren't going to magically manifest just because you want them to.


If that was the actual truth,

than everyone would be rich,

fit & healthy, 

and be over the heals in love and having the best sex of their life.


Nobody is coming to save you.

Nobody is coming to heal you.

No coach or mentor is going to walk into your life and magically fix all of your problems.

Nobody is coming to get your ass in front of the laptop to start writing the book.

Nobody is driving you to the gym or making sure you drink enough water.

and NOBODY is giving you permission.


If you want it bad enough, you have to work for it.

You have to believe in yourself.

You have to feel the fear and do it anyway.


The things we desire the most are worth fighting for.

The journey to the destination brings more than the destination itself. 


Decide it...

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Manifest | Prosper | Repeat

The week between Christmas & News Years is it's own vibe.

We spend our time recognizing the last year, holding gratitude for all of the healing, growth, and opportunities that came our way, while trying to catch our breath from the hustle and chaos of the holiday season.

Throughout the week, we will find ourselves in a daydream state, pondering the year to come. Visualizing the trips, the growth, the healing, the learning, and the integration that is set on our path.

I have to admit, I'm quite fond of the lull before New Years :)


I find myself in Hermit Mode while I catch up on some shows and give my pajamas and sweat pants a run for their money. 


During this break, I decided I wanted to create something that will help call in the new year, and give gratitude for the past. 

I wanted to bring together different experiences and trainings that would enrich the lives and the upcoming year of the participants. 

I wanted to give something that...

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You call it extra, I call it alignment.

I have had every reading type of spiritual reading imaginable.

Akashic records.

Human Design. 

Angel Reading.

Regular Psychic/Mediumship Reading. 


and being a Psychic Medium myself, I'm able to listen to the whispers of my soul with ease. 


With that being said - 

I know for certain that my calling here on earth is to:

1) Experience joy and alignment.

2) Teach others principles and lessons that help them achieve joy, fulfillment, and have a magical fucking existence where they are truly connected to source and their highest self.


I know myself really well. I know what makes me happy, what makes me calm, what pisses me off, and what takes me out of alignment. 


And this is what I do that keeps me in a high vibrational place that allows me to access higher levels of consciousness, connect with people that have crossed over, and just be overall happy:


I fill my life with the things that make me feel good.

I avoid the things that...

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Give yourself permission to receive.

Last summer, I started the habit of scheduling in ‘receiving days.’

As a business owner, mom and home owner, I realized that even on my “off” days from work, I was cooking, shopping, cleaning, and doing errands.

I never actually had one day where it was strictly for relaxation and self care and I decided to change that.

At least once a week, I schedule a “receiving day” where I allow the universe to catch up with me, I allow myself to flex my receiving muscle. (For all my psychic and mediums, this helps strengthen your receiving muscle like WHOA.)

Now, I’m not going to lie - it’s almost impossible to have a 100% receiving day there is always SOMETHING that needs to get done, but I realized something today as I tried to have one.

Because my mind was already set on having a receiving day today, when my day ended up being me cleaning the whole house, working out, showering, making dinner, and doing a couple of hours of work - I was still...

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YES. You can have the extra guac.

Today I woke up in the highest of vibes.


I spent the night in higher realms, in beautiful places, with beautiful beings. There was a moment during sleep that I had a clear knowing - that everything was going to work out. 


When I woke up, I remembered how innately supported we are.

How the universe is always listening, 

How our guides, angels, ancestors are supporting us every step of the way.

and most importantly -

How our desires and our dreams were put in our hearts and in our thoughts because they are meant for us.


Our soul knows the truth, even when our minds tell us something different.


Our souls knows how worthy we are,

how special we are,

how deserving we are -

how guided, supported, and loved we are.


It's our human that gets in the way.


It's the stress of life,

the never ending to do list,

the pressure we put on ourselves that makes us forget how perfect and accepted we are just by being us. 


You are...

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You are made for more.


There was a time not that long ago that I couldn't tell you my favorite things. I couldn't share with you my hobbies or how I enjoyed my free time. 


I didn't know the characteristics of myself that made me special,

or the things that made me, me.


I was merely getting by, doing all of the things I was told I should be doing, and giving all my energy and love away to everyone around me. 


I spent 30 years being this person, and yet I was total stranger to myself.


My cup was empty.


Looking back now, those sad and lonely times were the catalyst to my evolution, which then led me down the path of spiritual and personal development and healing.

To make a long story short, I started a daily meditation practice which then led me down the path to psychic and mediumship development. I started offering psychic and mediumship readings back in 2018 and then started offering psychic and mediumship development classes.

I found my purpose in showing...

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The Power of Response

I was in the Young Adult Graphic Novels section of Barnes & Noble picking up some books for Christmas for my young boys when I received an extremely passive aggressive message. 


The overall tone was very demeaning and disrespectful and my human felt attacked and disrespected. But as I stood in the middle of the aisle, I took a moment to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and envision roots making their way down to allow me to become rooted and grounded in the moment. 


I'm not a confrontational person. I become very uncomfortable when I feel attacked and in my teen years and early twenties, I would have attacked back in a cold, aloof way with the intention of hurting the other person.


But I've grown up since then.

I've learned that when people come at me it has very little to do with me, and everything to do with a them.


When I responded, I envisioned my hurt human self and kindly moved her to the side. I didn't act from a state of heightened...

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Dealing with toxic people

toxic people Dec 02, 2021

"It's like talking to a brick wall..."

We have all used the phrase. We have all felt the disappointment when trying to talk to someone about something they just don't quite get. 

We use a lot of our time coming up with the things we want to say. We go over the sentences over and over again in our mind making sure that everything is precise and honest. We live in anxiety until we finally build up the courage to speak to the person.

We say our carefully constructed words with kindness and empathy,

We feel our hearts racing,

Hands shaking,

and ego's trying to pull us back from speaking our truth.

After it's done, after the words are spoken, we expect a light bulb go off. A sign. Anything to let us know that our words were heard, our feelings are justified, and our hurt is something that can be healed.

And yet... we get no such sign.

You see in the eyes of the person you approached that not one ounce of your truth was processed.

There is not one sign that indicates...

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The Seven Chakras - Vlog



Interested in learning more about the seven major chakras? Look no further! In this vlog from a paid training I did years ago, I dive into these universal energy centers. 


For more chakra learning, check out my other blog posts:


For more free learning & inspiration:


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How to cleanse your chakras

Balancing and cleansing your chakras is an important tool for energetic maintenance. In this blog post, I share with you one of my favorite ways to cleanse my chakras.


Want to dive a little deeper in the 7 major chakras?

Check out my other blog posts:

CRYSTALS REQUIRED: Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Jasper, Green Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Amethyst.


**Please note that if you don’t have these specific crystals you can use any others you have as long as they represent the same color.**


As you place each crystal in turn, it is important to picture light and energy radiating out from it into the Chakra for at least 2-3 minutes before going on to the next Crystal. Be aware that the Chakra is being cleansed and it is spin regulated.



Lie down comfortably.

Place the Smokey Quartz between & slightly below your feet on your...

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