How To Heal Your Heart Chakra

Are you feeling lost and uncertain on your life’s journey? Do you lack peace, love, and compassion for other human beings? If so, your heart chakra may be out of alignment. Heart chakra healing is the first step you need to take to enable you to make wise decisions and develop loving relationships with the family, friends, and strangers around you.


What Is the Heart Chakra?

In Hinduism, chakras are focal points of diverse types of universal energy in the human body. The heart chakra is in the middle of the spine behind the heart. It is associated with peace, love, compassion, and openness. It also represents the ability to make decisions outside of karma and fate, from the perspective of yourself as a high, spiritual being rather than a lowly creature controlled by their base emotions.

If your heart chakra is broken, you may find yourself closed off to the positive opportunities in your life. Your relationships may feel dull and detached, and you may feel yourself...

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ISO Visionairies + those who dream BIG.

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2021

"I have a dream.." She said casually during our 1:1 session. 

"I went and saw this beautiful lake front land outside of the twin cities and absolutely fell in love with it. I want to create a healers retreat there."


When she explaining this to me, I was lost in her vision. I saw the beautiful meadows with paths to tiny homes, and a large bonfire in the center of this picturesque haven. 


"And the healers would all have their own tiny house." I added.

"YES! Oh my gosh how did you know that?!" I never saw her so excited during our months of working together.

"Oh wait... you are psychic!" She laughed.


I sat and listened to all of the amazing ideas she had for this big vision. 

A large haul for yoga and breathwork..

A shamanic drum circle.


I was entranced by the idea of such a beautiful healing space.


I knew this idea was not one that came from her, but one that came directly from Source.

A place for healing,

a place for community,

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Shadow Work Journal Prompts

Shadow Work.

The process of bringing what was once hidden into the light. It is the work of honoring both the light and dark that resides within ourselves. It is an important tool for self awareness and growth.


In this blog post, I have shared with you some personal journal prompts that help helped me in my own healing journey. 


**TIP: When it comes to doing shadow work or any type of personal growth, remember to be gentle on yourself. You do not need to go through all of the journal prompts included unless you want to. Sometimes, it take just one question to bring profound transformation and healing.**

 What qualities irritate you in other people? Do you see any of these qualities in yourself?


Think about denial. Write down your pattern of behaviors that you might be in rejecting: Over Eating? Shopping? Sex Addiction?


Ask yourself how these things make you feel. Do you feel you don’t have control? What is the issue?

When did this...

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Grounding For Anxiety


Is anxiety a constant struggle in your life? 

Do you sometimes find yourself unable to concentrate, be present, or in your physical body and energy?

If these problems sound familiar, then you are in the right place.

Never fear, grounding is here!


In this vlog, I share with you:

  • What grounding is.
  • Why a daily grounding practice is important
  • Different ways to connect to earth energy
  • The importance of energy protection
  • How to protect yourself energetically.



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Top 10 Law Of Attraction Books And Manifestation Books


Hey Manifester... let's get down to business, eh?

The Law of Attraction states that you can manifest positive (or negative) change through positive (or negative) thoughts. The power and energy of your headspace calls these changes down to influence your life.

This amazing technique can cause incredible blessings to flow through your door. But learning how to manifest with the Law of Attraction takes time. Most of the time, your dreams of joy, wealth, good health, a loving relationship, or whatever you dream of attaining, don’t materialize overnight. They require persistence and patience.


Whenever I’m stuck on my journey or manifestation are taking longer then anticipated, I turn to these top 10 Law of Attraction books. Some of them were published over a decade ago, but they’re still relevant to us living in 2021. These books remind me to keep pushing, keep striving, and open myself up to the joy that life has to offer. 

I hope you enjoy them as...

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Your first 5 steps with Tarot Cards | Intuitive Lifestyle Company

divination tarot Nov 17, 2021

So today is the day that you go on your journey with the Tarot. Maybe they were hand-me-downs from a dear relative, maybe they were a gift from a friend or maybe you just decided to buy them because you felt the time was finally right. For whatever reason, your journey to connect with them is about to start and it's a very important Journey.


So you may be asking yourself where do I begin?

How do I even develop a relationship with something that looks like just drawings on a cardboard card? 

Trust me all great tarot card readers have been where you're at right now.


That's what we all ask ourselves when we get our first deck. So don't worry you were not on your own. It is an adventure on discovering yourself and how to read the cards uniquely to you.


Here are a couple of ways that you can Bond and connect with whatever deck that you may have. Whether you're new at this or you're an old-timer and just want a refresher.


Here are some awesome steps to...

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It's not about the money...

This morning I laid in bed with my head feeling like it was going to fall off. For the last three days i have been battling a nasty head cold and the mornings after being horizontal for nearly 9 hours do not help. 


I laid in bed as I started thinking about all the things I had to do today. 

  1. Head over to the post office to ship my fathers medicine to him.
  2. Check on my parents house, water plants, bring in packages while they are away.
  3. Grocery shop for my family of four.
  4. Shower
  5. Record a podcast episode before children get home and silence is no longer a thing.
  6. Do some behind the scenes work for my business.
  7. Record a meditation for my upcoming launch.
  8. Rotate and fold laundry

On top of getting my normal routine of:

-Getting the kids ready and on the bus by 8am

-Letting the dogs in and out 3x before 7:45am 

-Starting the first load of laundry

-Feeding the dogs before they become annoying

-Attempt to finish my first cup of coffee before it gets room temperature.


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5 Tools For Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

5 Tools For Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Finding solace in spirituality has gained popularity in recent years. More and more people are waking up to the benefits of searching for meaningful connections outside of themselves. But moving from a focus on material things to a more spiritual path can be a tumultuous transition. It’s impossible to be spiritually healthy without looking inwards first, developing a maturity of emotion to balance the deep fulfillment of spiritual healing. This is why it’s so important to find an emotionally healthy spirituality, one that is expressed by your most authentic self.


To do this, there are five important practices to consider. Incorporating these into your daily routine and lifestyle will help you embrace spirituality in an emotionally healthy way, surrendering to limitations while taking control of the new, empowered version of yourself.


Practicing Meditation and Mindfulness

One of the most crucial tools for...

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Awaken the Third Eye Chakra

Are you in touch with your intuition? Then you may have a very open 3rd eye chakra. Ground yourself, connect to your spiritual side, and read on to discover your guide towards psychic abilities and greater depth of knowledge. All you have to lose is the closed-off parts of your psyche.


What is the Third Eye Chakra?


The third eye chakra is one of seven chakras, or energy centers, found at different points of your body. Ajna, the third eye, or sixth chakra, is all about:


  • intuition
  • psychic abilities
  • knowledge of self
  • imagination
  • wisdom


You can find it between your eyes on your forehead, which is why it is also sometimes known as the brow chakra. Are you finding your hand creeping up to touch this area now? Perhaps it is calling out to be awakened.


The third eye chakra is commonly associated with the deep, rich color indigo and purple fruits like grapes and blueberries, as well as lavender flavored chocolates, which can guide your internal knowledge...

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The Spiritual Trend

spiritual awakening Nov 15, 2021

I have a genuine question to ask,


When did being 'spiritual' become a personality trait?


The more time I spend on social media, the more detached from the label of 'spiritual' I become. I have already started walking away from the label of Psychic Medium and I have to start tip toeing away from the 'spiritual' label as well because it has become more about the surface level spirituality shit than the actually power and healing that spirituality offers.


When I first experienced my awakening back in 2017, the thought of 'being spiritual' never even crossed my mind. What the fuck does 'being spiritual' entail anyway? 

Is there an open recruitment going on that I have missed?



Job Includes:

  • Work your light deck by Rebecca Campbell
  • A bundle of sage and abalone shell
  • A guided meditation that you do 1-3 times and then give up because you can't 'stop your thoughts'
  • Added everyday vocabulary including...
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