So you are an Empath.. NOW WHAT?!



It is a basic human instinct for most. We feel for the people going through struggles. We feel for the heartbroken, overworked, and mistreated. We are all empaths to a degree.


But there are some that walk this earth that are born with a natural sensitivity that allows them to take on the energy, feelings, and emotions of others and not even be aware of it.


Not knowing this sensitivity can leave one feeling drained, exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, and depleted. This sensitivity can feel more like a curse than a gift and that is why I created My Empowered Empath Course


I went most of my life taking on the energy and emotions of others and labeling it my own.


I felt the intense of emotions of others peoples anger, heartbreak, and grief.


I would deal with energetic overwhelm in busy, congested places and then need days to recuperate.


Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you might be an empath my friend.



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"Sometimes it's not the times you decide to fight, but the times you decide to surrender, that makes all the difference."


Raise your hand if you ever experienced a hard time letting and surrendering. if your hand isn't raised you are only fooling yourself. The art of surrender is the most powerful unutitlized tool in all of existence. (Just so you know, this statement is not coming from me, it is coming from channeled information.)


As an Intuitive Development Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I've learned so much when it comes to surrendering. The most popular problem/speed bump in a persons spiritual and intuitive development is the lack of surrender. 


I mean, let's be real: having unwavering faith can be absolutely terrifying. We are essentially allowing any control we do hold to be put in the hands of the unknown, the unseen. Even my own rational, muggle mind is freaking out just thinking about it!


If you are struggling with surrendering, whether it...

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A thank you to everyone who has wronged me.



Thank you to the kid in my 7th grade class that made up a nasty rumor about me and then proceeded to tell all of the popular kids about it. The rumor and commotion around it got so bad I became suicidal and needed to be put into a mental health facility to cope with these thoughts and depression. If it weren’t for you, I would never have known how much emotional turmoil I could endure.


Thank you to the staff of my middle school that tolerated the bullying and peer abuse I was victim of. Thank you for labeling me the problem and thinking it best for me to be sent to an alternative school rather than face the problem in a diplomatic way and teach my abusers how inappropriate their actions were. If it wasn’t for your lack of action – I never would have created my strong desire to stand up for the underdog.


Thank you to the girl who stuffed a note in my locker with a stick figure of me hanging myself with the caption ‘KILL YOURSELF...

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3 Things I have learned while being a parent

Lately, the topic of parenting and spirituality has been on my mind. 


A couple of weeks ago, after working a full day of creating content and finishing up modules for my coaching program, I felt drawn to take a quick 15 minute meditation break. 


As I lit my candle and sat in front of my alter to start the process of quieting my mind, I could here teen titans blasting downstairs and my children bickering back and forth while my husband tried to separate them.


The whole time this was happening I was acutely aware of it occurring, but I still sat. I still allowed myself to be the observer. 


Soon after that noise died down, the UPS guy showed up with one of my many Amazon packages I have recently ordered. This caused my two basset hounds to completely crazy with barking and howling. Never the less, I allowed my meditation to persist. 


Why? You ask.


Because I value my connection to myself and source.

Because regardless of what...

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In the midst of whats going on in the world today, it can be challenging trying to keep a positive outlook and vibration. Every time I turn on the news I instantly regret it. Being super sensitive to the media and energy can leave me feeling very depleted, drained, and just down in the dumps. 

I wanted to write this blog post because I KNOW I am not the only one who can struggle to stay in alignment when most of the world is not. That is why I wanted to share these 5 super easy, super powerful tips that I use to raise my vibrations instantly!


Ready? Let's go!



Dancing is one of the most popular ways of raising not only your vibration but the collective. It also allows us to activate our lower chakra systems which are all about creativity, expression, sexuality, stability, and transformation. 

I like to put on my favorite playlist, light some incense, turn on my salt lamp, and just have a dance party with myself. If you have kids, have them be...

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5 Crystals to Enhance your Intuition

We all can benefit from listening to our intuition more..

Or hearing the it's subtle whispers.

Our intuition speaks to us in many different ways.

Sometimes it's gut feelings, other times its goosebumps, and sometimes it's a feeling we cannot ignore.

Intuition comes at the speed of light, so many times we can end up missing it. 

Many times, the subtle whispers are so quiet that we hardly recognize anything worth allowing our conscious mind to absorb. Through my own journey, I have found tools, such as crystals have helped me decipher the internal messages and wisdom I receive on a daily basis, and I want to share some of favorite crystals for intuition with you!

There are many different ways we can get a better understanding of our intuition, but for this blog post, I'm going to share my favorite crystals that I use to connect with my intuition and allow it to speak to me on a higher volume setting. 


Ready? Let's go!


Moonstone is a very magical...

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A letter to my fellow medium

If there is only one thing I have learned in my 33 years of life it is to always follow your intuition. Always listen to that inner niggle. That calm inner guidance system that leaves us feeling protected, nurtured, and on the right path. That internal whisper is why I am writing this blog post. 


So let's start at square one. I'm a medium. I have the ability to connect with souls who have crossed over. As much as I enjoy being able to connect my clients to their loved ones who are no longer with us, being a medium is not always what it is cracked up to be. 


It requires a level of surrender that most people are not comfortable with. It requires you to take your faith, whatever that might be, and multiply it times ten.


Through my own personal journey, I have both loved and hated being a medium. 


I have loved seeing the reassurance in my clients eyes knowing that their loved ones are safe and okay and always with them.


I have loved...

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There is a hot new buzz word going around, you most likely have heard of it. Manifestation. 


More people are using this word in their everyday vocabulary. In fact, people are building 6-7 figure businesses on the topic of TEACHING manifestation. Crazy, right?


So what exactly is MANIFESTATION?

an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.


So in simple terms, it is when a thought or idea comes into fruition.


Now, think of how many times you thought of something, anything, good or bad and it actually came into existence. That is because we came into this life being natural manifestors. Manifesting isn't something you have to work on. It is something that is already within you.

At this point, you might be sitting here shaking your head being like "well, sh!t.. Some of the stuff in my life that I have manifested isn't what I actually wanted!" 


Worry not my friend, you are not...

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Ok. The fact that you are reading this blog post write now is an indication that you are either questioning the idea of mediumship or you have just realized that you are in fact a medium.

Kinda wild isn't it?

This journey you are embarking on is far more powerful than just being able to receive messages and evidence from souls that have crossed over. This journey is the path to your own soul. 

Being a medium requires a lot of personal development and healing. It requires us to surrender and to have faith. And none of these things are easy my friend!

I have a lot to say about mediumship. I can share a lot of my own personal experiences and lessons that I have learned. I can talk about how each medium has their own unique connection to spirit. I can talk about the healing that comes along with this path, and how it requires the individual to come to terms with aspects of themselves that need healing. But I won't bore you with all of that right now. That's a book that is yet to be...

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The DO'S & DON'TS of Mercury Retrograde

Two words.



You may have heard the excuse ”It's because of Mercury Retrograde." If you don’t know astrology, you may have wondered what they were talking about. Of all planetary aspects, this aspect of astrology gets A LOT of attention.

The reason for their interest is clear – this experience, which occurs a couple of times per year, brings both positive and negative along with it. Everyday things like technology and schedules become increasingly slower which can result in many eye rolls and long drawn out gasps. BUT, Mercury Retrograde also brings the importance reminder of slowing down. 


Let us look at the do's and dont's of Mercury Retrograde:


In my podcast interview with Hana the Suburban Witch, she tells us an important things to remember about Retrograde is the first two letters *RE*. These two letters remind us that Mercury Retrograde is a time for Revamping, Research, Remembering, Reading, Revising,...

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