7 expert hacks for calling in more abundance RIGHT NOW!

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

What is abundance?

The dictionary definition of abundance is - a very large quantity of something. 

Abundance can be called into any aspect of our life.

What do you want more of?  What will make you feel more fulfilled?

More freedom?

More love?

More joy?

More adventure?

More sex?

More  peace?

More money?

We ALL want more of at least one of these things. The question is - HOW do we get it? How do we call in more of the good stuff? 

Here are 7 powerful tips to help you call in more abundance into your life!


Everything in this universe is made up of energy. The grass, the door to your house, the tree in your front yard, your mom, your friend, you. What deciphers a blade of grass from a human being is the rate in which it vibrates. 

A living tree outside vibrates higher than your wooden coffee table.

A happy person vibrates higher than a miserable person.

As you raise your vibration, the more in alignment you are. The more alignment you...

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3 Signs you are in DEEP Masculine Energy

Masculine and feminine energy is a hot topic now a days. Many coaches talk about how we must embody the feminine energy and be open to receiving. At times, people may start believing that being in the masculine energy is a terrible thing and keeps you from receiving the abundance that you are calling in. 

Through my own personal journey, I have discovered a couple of things about the what these two energy systems are about and why they are BOTH equally important to call into you life!

Like anything in life, having these two energies is about learning to balance them. You cannot have one without the other unless your whole energetic system of supply and demand will not function. I struggled for YEARS being too much into my masculine energy. I would get frustrated when I worked so hard on a something and saw very little results. After learning more about the flow of masculine and feminine I learned that I was balls deep in masculine energy. 

Mastering the art and feminine...

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What exactly the EGO is and 3 ways we can overcome it.

ego journal work mindset May 24, 2019

Benjamin Franklin once said, “There are three things extremely hard. Steel, a diamond, and to know ones self.”

 We think we ARE the labels we hold, but we are not. We are so much more than that. I believe it is important to understand that we are all apart of a much greater force that is unseen to the eye. This life, this personality, this person that you are is just a drop in the ocean. We have lived many lives, learned many lessons, and have overcome many obstacles.

 We limit ourselves to the smallest portion of what we can accomplish.

 I can’t work out, I don’t have time.

I can’t get that job, I’m not qualified.

I can’t date that person, they are out my league.


The truth is, our potential far greater than we give ourselves credit for.  If you stay within the ego-ic mind, with labels, negativity and fear; you are limiting your potential to just that. When you broaden your horizon and expand your consciousness,...

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3 Exercises to Master Mindfulness


Mindfulness is defined as "Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”

 So, what does this exactly mean? It means instead of allowing your mind to wonder, which it has a natural instinct to do – it means to practice being fully present, in the moment. The concept is that simple, the practice of it is not. 

We tend to either think about the past, or jump into the future. We reminisce on past events and regrets, and we worry about potential future outcomes. Being fully present in the moment takes hard work and commitment. It takes will power and a strong determination to be fully committed in understanding the power of now.

 Just like our hearts, our minds are constant moving, living beings. They work until we depart this realm. And then, they start working more once we go home. Our minds are the most powerful tool we have. It’s important to take care of them.

When we allow ourselves to be fully...

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Simple hacks to harness the energy of the moon cycle

Mother moon.

What can I say about her. Her power is evident. She holds intense energy and wisdom and comes to us every night, with her consistent evolution. With most 'woo' or spiritual practices I was a skeptic. 

I wondered why people made such big deals about the full moon, and the new moon, and when the moon was in certain star signs. It was not until I started keeping track of my life and the events that occurred that I noticed a concrete cycle in the phases of the moons and big life events and/or changes. I became so intrigued with this revelation! I wanted to know all the things. 

When is the best time to start a new venture?

Buy a house? Make an investment?

How does the mood effect my monthly cycle?

Here is a list of the different moon cycles and what each moon represents in their spiritual understanding.

New Moon

When you think of the new moon - think exactly that; NEW. In this phase, the moon is between the earth and sun and is not visible here on earth. Like...

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A letter to my fellow empath..

Uncategorized May 10, 2019

A note to my fellow empath:


I know how you feel. I know the overwhelming feeling you get when everything around you has left you drained. I know the feeling of wanting to be alone, not to be anti-social but to charge your own battery.


I know the random spouts of anxiety that you cannot quite label yours.


I know how you feel when you sit there feeling lonely and depressed but going through your head trying to figure out WHY you feel this way.


I know the feeling of bewilderment when someone who is in need of healing comes to you. I know the feeling of anger when you watch the 5pm news. I also know the places you need to avoid because the energy is too much for you to handle.


I know what others are going through, just by looking them into the eyes. I know what they are holding onto, what is hurting them, and what needs to be healed.


When we say “I feel your pain” it is quite literal.


We FEEL the migraine you are dealing with....

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4 spiritual people you should be following on Social Media..

Bringing in spirituality in your life can be a challenge. In a world infested with selfies, Kardashians, and bad news - we find it hard to keep our news feed filled with light, positivity, and love. 

Through various social media outlets as well as podcasts, I have cultivated a list of my very favorite spiritual teachers to follow. The people on this list bring exceptional value and guidance! And let me tell you, I'm super picky with what I allow on my news feed.

Take a peak at who made the cut and let me know in the comments if you follow others who are worth mentioning! 

1) Elizabeth April

Elizabeths positive and cheery disposition keeps you engaged and wanting to learn more. She is well known on facebook, youtube, and instagram. Although she is just 26 years old and looks like Hollister Model - this girl knows her stuff.



2) Phill Good Life

Phil is a channel, psychic, and spiritual...

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5 Steps to strengthen your connection with your soul

Now a days, the term souls is loosely used. From soul mates, to soul searching - I can safely say that we are now living in a "soul" obsessed generation.

More and more people are quitting their jobs, packing up and traveling the world because it is what their soul guided them to do. More and more people are learning to trust the inner voice within them in order to manifest the life they have always dreamed of. 

If you are reading this, chances are you are craving for a deeper connection to yourself, to your soul. You want to tap into the universal secrets that you hold deep within yourself. 

Before we go any further - PLEASE remember that we are NOT humans having a spiritual experience. We are SOULS have a human experience.

You, my beautiful friend, have always been a soul. You have been on your journey since birth. You have endured some of your many lessons already. You have already connected in some way, shape, or form to your soul because YOU ARE READING THIS. 


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4 Crystals you DON''T have and probably should..

OK - here goes nothing..
(Start off by singing the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
You know clear quartz, and amethyst, and rose quartz, and selenite...
Agate and citrine and sodalite and celestine...
But do you recall
the CRYSTAL that don't get enough love at allllllll....
I know, I know - it's cheesy as hell but I thought it was cute ;)
We all know and love the popular, super common crystals.. but I felt compelled to write an article about the crystals that always seem to be forgotten - the ones that don't receive the recognition they deserve!
So here goes nothing...
1) MALACHITE - This powerful stone tends to hold a bad reputation due to it's toxic nature. Because of this, it is best to use malachite in a tumbled, polished form. Malachite amplifies both positive AND negative energies. It grounds spiritual energies onto the planet...
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What to charge in your Spiritual Business...

When you own and run a spiritual practice, setting boundaries is one of the most important things one must do in order to achieve success. When we decide to start a business or practice offering our services - whether it be energy healing, psychic reading, hypnosis, the main objective is to create revenue.


Many healers and light workers struggle with the concept of charging for their services. They find it hard to ask for money as the main purpose of the services is to heal and help the client. I understand this point of view and respect those who do not charge for services but my opinion is different.


When I decided to offer my services to the public, I knew that I wanted to treat this as a business. I wanted to create something that can help sustain my lifestyle as well as give me enough revenue to keep on re-investing in my development and skill set. I built a business to help other business owners understand the power of investing in themselves - so obviously, I...

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