How to cut Etheric Cords

Etheric cords are energetic cords that are created when two people connect with one another. The deeper the relationship, the stronger the cord. Through every interaction, thought, emotion triggered, and intimate moment - the cord continuously grows.
Etheric cords act like hoses, with energy directed back and forth between both people. When the cord is healthy, it can create a vibrant, energetic source exchange but when the cord is unhealthy, it can often lead to feeling controlled, unhappiness in the relationship, and an uneven exchange in effort and energy. Like everything in life, etheric cords must have a sense of balance about them.
Most of us will intuitively know how strong our cord is with someone, but if you are unsure, a good measure is how strongly or how often you think or feel towards someone, especially if the thoughts are obsessive, manipulative or fearful. We are constantly creating cords with many people and even objects. It is important to...
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Chakra Cleanse w/Crystals (Directions included)

Full Chakra Cleanse, Balance & Recharge

Smokey Quartz
Red Jasper
Yellow Jasper
Green Aventurine
Blue Lace Agate
**Please note that if you don’t have these specific crystals you can use any others you have as long as they represent the same color. 
**As you place each crystal in turn, it is important to picture light and energy radiating out from it into the Chakra for at least 2-3 minutes before going on to the next Crystal.

OKAY! Lets get to it!

1. Lie down comfortably.
2. Place the Smokey Quartz between & slightly below your feet on your Earth Chakra
3. Place the Red Jasper on your Base Chakra which is at the base of the spine
4. Place the Carnelian on your Sacral Chakra which is just below the navel
5. Place the Yellow Jasper on your Solar Plexus which is just above the navel
6. Place the Green Aventurine on your Heart Chakra 
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EP34 The Subconscious & Conscious Mind

In episode 34, I dive into the differences between the subconscious & conscious mind. This episode is perfect if you are interested in learning more about human belief systems and why we are the way that we are!




belief systems



program your mind

inner child healing



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Simple ways to clear & balance your chakras

Making sure our chakra system is working efficiently allows us not only to be living our best life but it helps us connect with our intuition, and our higher self easier and clearer.
Everything in this universe is made up on energy and our 7 main chakra points are the filtration systems to the energy in which we come in contact with. That is why it is important to clear our systems on a consistent basis.
When your chakras are cleared and balanced, energy is able to freely flow through your energetic system. Having balanced chakras impacts your aura, your energetic field. A balanced aura will allow you to attract positive energy. According to the law of attraction, when we hold positive energy, we attract positive results. This leads to an overall greater sense of wellness.

Did you know our body actually has over 70,000 chakras? Each time our meridians cross, that junction is called a chakra. There are seven main chakras that make up our energetic system. 
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Sea Salt Bath Recipe

I have always loved a nice, relaxing, bath. Being able to shut off from the world and just be still. Since I have found the benefits of sea salt; I have found a much deeper appreciation to this quiet, peaceful time.
I have created my own blend of sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda(yes, baking soda.) which I include in my weekly bath. The benefits to these 3 properties are quite amazing and I highly encourage everyone to try this recipe - especially if your feeling you need a good energy cleanse.

So here is my recipe:

1 Cup Sea Salt 
1 Cup Epsom Salt 
1/2 Cup Baking Soda
I usually make enough to last me about a month. You can add essential oils, your favorite herbs, dried flowers, if you wish to give it extra pizzazz but I’m lazy and don't fee like cleaning the tub afterward.
Be sure to NOT shower after the bath. You want the benefits to sit on your skin and allow them to work their magic. It is okay to lotion up afterward.
I add...
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5 ways to tap into feminine energy.

We have been brought up in a world where feminine energy was the weaker one. A world where a strong women is labeled as a tight ass or a bitch. A women who embraces her sensuality is labeled loose or a slut. A women who is an active participant in sports or physical activity is butch or a tomboy.

This culture we live in doesn't understand the power and magnitutude of the divine feminine. It laughs at it. Shakes its head in disbelief. Yet, it is hippocritial. Every single one of us was birthed from the divine feminine, through our mothers womb. Females hold an untapped potential.

We hold the power to create. 

We hold the power to receive.

We hold the power to change the world.

The energy of life is divided into both masculine and feminine. There cannot be one without the other. 

In order to manifest we need to 

1) Take action (masculine)

2) Receive (feminine)

Here are 5 ways you can tap into your feminine power:


Yes. it is that simple. embrace your...

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7 expert hacks for calling in more abundance RIGHT NOW!

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

What is abundance?

The dictionary definition of abundance is - a very large quantity of something. 

Abundance can be called into any aspect of our life.

What do you want more of?  What will make you feel more fulfilled?

More freedom?

More love?

More joy?

More adventure?

More sex?

More  peace?

More money?

We ALL want more of at least one of these things. The question is - HOW do we get it? How do we call in more of the good stuff? 

Here are 7 powerful tips to help you call in more abundance into your life!


Everything in this universe is made up of energy. The grass, the door to your house, the tree in your front yard, your mom, your friend, you. What deciphers a blade of grass from a human being is the rate in which it vibrates. 

A living tree outside vibrates higher than your wooden coffee table.

A happy person vibrates higher than a miserable person.

As you raise your vibration, the more in alignment you are. The more alignment you...

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3 Signs you are in DEEP Masculine Energy

Masculine and feminine energy is a hot topic now a days. Many coaches talk about how we must embody the feminine energy and be open to receiving. At times, people may start believing that being in the masculine energy is a terrible thing and keeps you from receiving the abundance that you are calling in. 

Through my own personal journey, I have discovered a couple of things about the what these two energy systems are about and why they are BOTH equally important to call into you life!

Like anything in life, having these two energies is about learning to balance them. You cannot have one without the other unless your whole energetic system of supply and demand will not function. I struggled for YEARS being too much into my masculine energy. I would get frustrated when I worked so hard on a something and saw very little results. After learning more about the flow of masculine and feminine I learned that I was balls deep in masculine energy. 

Mastering the art and feminine...

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What exactly the EGO is and 3 ways we can overcome it.

ego journal work mindset May 24, 2019

Benjamin Franklin once said, “There are three things extremely hard. Steel, a diamond, and to know ones self.”

 We think we ARE the labels we hold, but we are not. We are so much more than that. I believe it is important to understand that we are all apart of a much greater force that is unseen to the eye. This life, this personality, this person that you are is just a drop in the ocean. We have lived many lives, learned many lessons, and have overcome many obstacles.

 We limit ourselves to the smallest portion of what we can accomplish.

 I can’t work out, I don’t have time.

I can’t get that job, I’m not qualified.

I can’t date that person, they are out my league.


The truth is, our potential far greater than we give ourselves credit for.  If you stay within the ego-ic mind, with labels, negativity and fear; you are limiting your potential to just that. When you broaden your horizon and expand your consciousness,...

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3 Exercises to Master Mindfulness


Mindfulness is defined as "Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”

 So, what does this exactly mean? It means instead of allowing your mind to wonder, which it has a natural instinct to do – it means to practice being fully present, in the moment. The concept is that simple, the practice of it is not. 

We tend to either think about the past, or jump into the future. We reminisce on past events and regrets, and we worry about potential future outcomes. Being fully present in the moment takes hard work and commitment. It takes will power and a strong determination to be fully committed in understanding the power of now.

 Just like our hearts, our minds are constant moving, living beings. They work until we depart this realm. And then, they start working more once we go home. Our minds are the most powerful tool we have. It’s important to take care of them.

When we allow ourselves to be fully...

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