7 expert hacks for calling in more abundance RIGHT NOW!

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What is abundance?

The dictionary definition of abundance is - a very large quantity of something. 

Abundance can be called into any aspect of our life.

What do you want more of?  What will make you feel more fulfilled?

More freedom?

More love?

More joy?

More adventure?

More sex?

More  peace?

More money?

We ALL want more of at least one of these things. The question is - HOW do we get it? How do we call in more of the good stuff? 

Here are 7 powerful tips to help you call in more abundance into your life!


Everything in this universe is made up of energy. The grass, the door to your house, the tree in your front yard, your mom, your friend, you. What deciphers a blade of grass from a human being is the rate in which it vibrates. 

A living tree outside vibrates higher than your wooden coffee table.

A happy person vibrates higher than a miserable person.

As you raise your vibration, the more in alignment you are. The more alignment you are, the more abundant you will become. Raising your vibration is simple. Here are some fool proof ways to raise your vibration -

1. Laugh

2. Dance

3. Meditate

There are many different ways to raise your vibration. If you are interested in learning more ways to raise your vibration, I highly recommend the book Raise your vibration by Kyle Gray. 


Take two minutes each day to think about something that makes you feel good; that makes you feel joy. It can be anything. Is it the moment you step on a scale and see you have manifest your dream weight and body? Is it when you receive your first 10k month? Go ahead and write down three things that bring you intense joy and take two minutes a day to close your eyes and envision them.


We as humans tend to analyze and use our logical mind in order to manifest our desires. we create step by step strategies on how we can obtain our goals and then we get so damn frustrated when we fall short. You have to GET OFF THE TOPIC AND ONTO THE VIBRATION. 

You want to lose weight? Get onto the same vibrational wave length of how you would feel if you lost the weight.

You want to manifest 10k? Get on the vibrational frequency of how you would feel if it has already been manifested.

You can journal and meditate all you want but if you are not an energetic vibrational match for what you want to acquire it will not happen.


This is a powerful technique that allows you to quickly recenter yourself and to help you deal with any conflict that is currently happening in your present moment or even help you make an important decision. This technique allows you to bring more awareness to how you are feeling in your body and to allow your brain and your thoughts to come back into coherence with your feeling and your heart using positive visualization to create harmony and healing. 

The 3 step process:

1) Take 3 deep breaths and focus on your heart. 

2) Focus on the flow of breathing and notice how your chest expands and contracts with every breath you take. Do this for 1-2 minutes.

3) Think of a feeling that you want more of. This of a time in your life that you felt this feeling. Notice this feeling and how your body reacts to it. 

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Write a list of 5 things you enjoy that bring you joy. Now put it on your fridge, or your mirror, or some place where you will see it everyday. DO THESE THINGS. SCHEDULE THEM INTO YOUR WEEK. If you want more abundance, you need to bring in the the things that already fill your heart up. These happy habits will help you help you raise your vibration and call in more of the feelings you get from them.


Take these two powerful exercises seriously. We cannot stop our thoughts but WE CAN choose how we feel about them. Using these two exercises are so powerful in the manifesting process that without them - it will most take double the time to manifest your desires. 


Pattern interrupts are simple things that you say to stop the flow of a negative thoughts. A perfect example of this is when I go to the grocery store, and I am checking out and keep seeing the price of my grocery bill grow higher and higher, I no longer have the crippling feeling of how much I just spent on basic necessities. Instead, as I swipe my card, i simply state out loud "there is more where that came from." 

Yes, I get weird looks from the cashier and the costumers in back of me but I don't care. The simple pattern interrupt puts it out into the universe that I expect that money to come back to me and then some PLUS stop the flow of energy to a negative thought pattern. 

What can you say out loud when a negative trigger shows up in your life? What can you say that will allow you to snap out of it?


Token gestures are things we do that are outside of our norm. These are acts of faith that put our intentions out into the universe that we are ready and willing to receive more abundance. Some examples of token gestures are:

1) Buying the BETTER BOUJAY toilet paper instead of getting the store brand sandpaper on a rolle.

2) Booking a discovery call with a coach you would like to work just so you can be in that energy. You can kindly tell them if you are not ready to sign a contract yet but are in the process of manifesting the money to work with them. Any good coach is going to LOVE hearing this because it shows you are determined and you take aligned action!

3) Test driving a car you want.

When you need or want a new car, you are going to test drive it. Regardless of your current life circumstances, test driving a car that you want will allows you to experience how you feel when you are driving it. So when you have an example of that feeling - you can take that with you and bring yourself to that state of already owning that car by simply remembering that feeling you had while turning out of the dealership!


Magic happens the moment you step outside your comfort zone. This is true for any arena of life. Taking baby steps and leaps of faith are crucial in developing and receiving abundance.


Jumping on a facebook live, wearing a more form fitting dress, starting a blog or podcast, signing up for an dating app, asking a new acquaintance out for drinks or coffee.


Investing in a program or coach, starting a business, making a big investing, leaving a toxic relationship.

These 7 simple steps will help you manifest abundance in every aspect of your life! Have evidence that these steps are working? Share to your insta stories and tag me (@ericawrusso) in them! I LOVE hearing what magic you are manifesting!!



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