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The Author Series | Volume One

author the author series writer Nov 28, 2021
self publishing

Yesterday I was a stress ball as I began to prep for my upcoming launch.

Today I received an email that got quickly took me out of the downward spiral that is being an entrepreneur and a coach in a oversaturated market and coming back to a place and a belief of WHY I'm doing all of this in the first place.

The email was from my publisher. They had just finished my manuscript evaluation. The formal evaluation later stated:

This is written extremely well, clean in concept and presentation. Erica could have been a professional writer, except her stories are going to need strong proofing. But that aside, her writing is very solid, very narrative, and unfortunately, if she wants the woman over 50 market, way too many 'fucks' for that audience. There is an excellent lead in to each chapter, then explanations, then exercises... very nicely done. Everything in each chapter ties nicely. Easy to read and you can count on the expertise of the writer as she makes it clear she has some. Not too much of the woowoo, just here it is and if you want to take advantage, this is how. She has covered the primary topics an average reader wants to understand about meditation, psychic, and other related topics. She doesn’t go too deep and let the reader get lost in the woo-woo. This is for the average person to decide to learn how to do. This broadens the market which is a great move. With the end missing, I suggest that Erica creates a simple 'conclusion' wrapping up what she has taught so far, showing how to progress from the level she has set for the reader and what the next steps are after finishing the book. Readers expect the ending to be summarized, and to have everything laid out for them so they are clear on where they go from here. Our editing team have approved to publish Erica’s book, we look forward to working with her.


Okay so other than I use the F Bomb too much, seeing a Professional Editor say I could have been a Professional Writer makes my inner child VERY HAPPY. 


I love writing. I always have. I found it to be my favorite form of expression, and my own form of therapy.

Writing will always be a sacred practice for me.

It will always be the place I go when I need healing.

When I need to connect to Spirit.

Or when I need to make sense of the world around me.

It will always be a part of me. 



I still have not chosen a title, but you can expect my FIRST book to be released in early 2022!


I'm looking forward to sharing my work with you.

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