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Crystals for the Chakras

7 chakras crystal healing crystals Nov 24, 2021
chakra crystals

What Crystals Are Best for the Seven Chakras: Here is All You Need to Know!

The concept of chakras originated from ancient beliefs saying that chakras are basically energy centres in our bodies, with each one marking a specific organ, and so they need to be in proper equilibrium and unblocked all the time for a person's peace and wellbeing. There are also many techniques to balance the chakras, among which the most common and beneficial one is the use of gemstones or crystals.

How  to Use Crystals for Chakra Healing?

Crystals are a priceless gift of God born out of extreme pressure within the earth. They impact our mind, body and soul and have spiritual qualities. They can help enhance your wisdom and control your chakras. You can use crystals in many ways like:

  1. Doing crystal massage
  2. Place them randomly in your house
  3. Wear gemstone embedded jewelry on a daily basis
  4. Sleep with crystals under your pillow
  5.  Have crystal infused baths and drinks


  1. First Chakra: The Root Chakra:

The first chakra has a color red and is located at the bottom of the spine and governs all earthly matters such as finance, survival, health and wellbeing. It is our means of grounding and obtaining energy for the most basic of our mental, physical and emotional needs. So only when this chakra is balanced, our roots are firm, and we feel at ease. It is the means of grounding us to Mother Earth and gives us a sense of security and belonging. This chakra is disturbed, usually in a state of danger, such as an illness, either mental, physical or both. When the root chakra is off balance, a person feels anxious, depressed and fearful. A chronic illness or pain also disturbs it.

Root chakra provides our body with a means of connecting to the Earth and making its energy flow into our bodies. When it is distorted, we need to build this connection again by sticking to nature. Activities like yoga and having a morning walk barefoot can help a lot. Focus on your physical wellbeing as well, such as having a relaxing shower and dancing.

Gemstones are an excellent gift of mother Earth. They hold the spiritual power to support and nourish all our chakras. Here are some of the precious gemstones to heal your root chakra:

  1. Black Tourmaline
  2. Brown and Red Jasper
  3. Bloodstone

You can incorporate these stones in your life in many different forms, such as jewelry , chakra elixir, or simply surrounding yourself with these stones.

  1. Sacral/Belly Chakra

As the name indicates, sacral chakra lies about the belly, two fingers below the navel. It is associated with controlling our emotions and senses. Just like the root chakra, sacral chakra deals with the primal needs of our body. However, it is thought to control our interaction with the world and the reactions to various fragments of life. When the need for survival is fulfilled, we tend to be more outgoing, try to discover the various aspects of life and learn how to react to each one. This is the duty of the sacral chakra. It enables us to develop a positive attitude during our interaction with anyone or anything. It helps achieve a balance between positive emotional wellbeing and emotional attachment to someone and gets rid of negative attitudes and thoughts.

When the sacral chakra is imbalanced, we feel emotionally dependent on certain things and life while staying far away from others. It disrupts the sacral chakra concept of letting go. With it comes the feeling of anxiety, loneliness, guilt and addiction. We start feeling hyper-aggressive at times. Sacral chakra depletion also causes some physical trauma, such as illnesses associated with the abdomen and lower back. Kidney, intestinal and reproductive organs diseases are common.

Gemstones are an essential tool to heal and maintain your chakras. Here are some crystals for sacral chakra:

  1. Smoky Quartz
  2. Carnelian
  3. Orange Calcite

Using these chakra healing stones in your yoga routine, massaging and placing these on your lower back tremendously helps strengthen your sacral chakra. Being the element of the sacral chakra, connecting with the water and inducing its flowing properties into your thoughts can help heal your sacral chakra.  Using aromatherapy while reminding positive affirmations repeatedly to yourself can contribute a great deal to healing your sacral chakra.

  1. Solar Plexus Chakra

The color for this chakra is yellow, and it is located just below the chest bone behind the stomach, just between the navel and rib cage area. Solar plexus chakra governs the self-controlling emotions like confidence, self-esteem, ego, strength and anger. The element of the solar plexus is fire. Just like the fire grows when fed with the right circumstances, our mind and personality also grow when our solar plexus chakra is perfectly balanced. Having a balanced solar plexus chakra gives you a sense of being in control of your life and steering it in the right direction. You become powerful and ready to face the challenges of life. It helps you to know your rank and find your purpose in life. The firepower of the third chakra helps you excel in all fields of life and drives your potential to its fullest.  When the solar plexus chakra is off-balance, you start to feel demotivated and vulnerable. You feel unsure and indecisive about your goals and potential. You feel submissive and start tolerating less than what you deserve. You stop feeding your passion and come to terms with something you have no interest in just for fear of stepping out of your comfort zone.

To unblock your solar plexus chakra meditation is the way to go. Relax and meditate in dim light. Binaural beats also provide great help.

Gemstones for the third chakra are:

  1. Tigers Eye
  2. Sunstone
  3. Citrine

Using these stones repeatedly has been known to work wonders for the third chakra. There are many yoga exercises involving these stones that help with solar plexus chakra healing.


  1. The Heart Chakra

As the name indicates, this energy centre lies deep within the centre of the chest. It is associated with the heart and the deep emotions flowing within it. It is believed to be the bridge between the mind and spirit. It governs your ability to love yourself and others. It is the centre for unconditional love, compassion, sympathy, joy and forgiveness. Within the heart also lies our greatest fears and traumas, so this chakra also helps ease the pain of harsh memories. When the heart chakra is perfectly strengthened, you will feel the right balance between your personal and spiritual desires. You will recognize the importance of self-love and start loving others as well. You will begin to closely feel and connect with the emotions of others. You will stop being judgmental and become inclusive to see good in everyone. Since the heart chakra is the centre for all other chakras, you will start feeling paranoid when it is off balance.  You start doubting your worth and become afraid of getting hurt. You feel indecisive and start bottling up your emotions instead of letting them flow. A blocked heart chakra is associated with fatal health conditions such as heart attack, arrhythmias and breathing issues.

To heal your heart, chakra is exceptionally important for your well being. Do different breathing yogas, try helping others around you and let go of your past and make sure to invest in some chakra healing gemstones as they can prove to be a lifesaver.

The healing crystals for heart chakra are:

  1. Rose Quartz
  2. Fluorite
  3. Amazonite


  1. Throat Chakra

The throat chakra has the color blue and is located at the lower neck, and it controls the expression of sound and writing. It is actually the centre of communication and creativity. It provides us with the wisdom to properly understand the spiritual aspects of the world and enables us to express our understanding. It gives us a medium to flow our emotions and thoughts out of the body without bottling them up. It gives a sense of expressing yourself without hurting others. You build creative ideas to express your thoughts in the form of words, songs, painting or any other means of communication. Having an imbalanced throat chakra makes communication difficult for you. You feel the need to keep your emotions to yourself and also become a bad listener. It becomes difficult to have a productive conversation, and you may end up erupting into anger as a consequence of bottling up your feelings. Physical blockages like throat-related illnesses may also occur, such as thyroid dysfunction, cough and throat infections.

To heal your throat chakra, try neck stretching, yoga and have warm tea and start journaling. Use throat chakra gemstones during yoga. It is best to wear a gemstone embedded necklace. The gemstones for throat chakra are:

  1. Lapis Lazuli
  2. Sodalite
  3. Aquamarine


  1.  Third Eye Chakra

It is located above the eyes in the middle of the forehead. It governs the psychic ability and stronger intuition. When the third eye chakra is balanced, your body, mind and soul fill with positive energy, and you become ignorant towards any negative energy present around you. Your thoughts fill with gratitude, and you start inflicting positive energy on others, making them feel content as well. You might feel distressed when the third eye chakra is imbalanced and only focus on the dark of the coin. You become hopeless and disillusioned. Physical ailments like eye infections, blindness and headaches also occur. To heal your third eye chakra, try sun gazing, meditating and chanting. Listen to binaural beats and use gemstones like:

  1. Clear Quartz
  2. Labradorite
  3. Purple fluorite


  1. Crown Chakra

It is located at the prime top of the skull and is thought to be the inlet of energy and spirituality. The crown chakra is balanced; you will feel calm and controlled even under pressure and are quick to make thoughtful decisions. When the crown chakra is off-balance, you start feeling disconnected from the purpose and spirituality. You feel disinterested and bored while meditating and become narrow-minded and stubborn. To heal your crown chakra, try to enhance your focus and incorporate affirmations in your daily routine. Diffusing lavender and rosemary essential oils can also help.


The gemstones beneficial for crown chakra are:

  1. Amethyst
  2. Selenite
  3. Apophyllite


Final Thoughts

Balancing the seven chakras is believed to be the best for increasing one's peace of mind and tranquillity.  The use of gemstones has been practiced for centuries to align all the chakras. In today's robotic world, spirituality and balance of chakras are really important to combat all the stress, so do invest in gemstones to benefit yourself and others!

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