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Developing Intuition

developing intuition spiritual growth Aug 06, 2021
developing intuition

Meta Description: Intuition is your sixth sense. While not that strong in most people, you can strengthen your intuition by applying a few tools and techniques.

Intuition is the superpower you may have never known you had. Just like your other senses, your intuitive sixth sense can help you navigate life more easily. Every one of us has intuition but not everyone has tapped into its full potential and power. 

If you would like to strengthen your intuition, here are 5 ways you can activate your internal guidance:


To tap into your intuition, you will have to strengthen your connection with your inner being. Regularly meditating, especially practicing mindfulness meditation, will help you clear away distracting thoughts that usually get in the way of your inner being speaking to you in the subtle way that it does.

Listen to Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are created due to two different frequencies being played, one in each ear, which then create a third tone. By doing so, binaural beats strengthen the connection between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, which can strengthen your intuition. This is a very easy tool to use because you simply need to put on some headphones and let the binaural beats and your brain do the rest!

Clear Your Chakras

Clearing and cleansing your chakras (primary energy centers) will help get rid of any intuitive blocks you may have. Clearing your chakras can be done in a number of ways, including using crystals, qi gong, yoga, dancing, singing, and more. Be sure to check out my free chakra clearing meditation here.

Trust Yourself More

The more you trust in your intuition, the easier it will be for you to tap into it and be guided by it. The more your trust that first gut feeling or intuitive hit about something, the more clear and obvious your intuition will be. It's like everything...use it or lose it!

Use It!

This brings us to the fifth way of strengthening your intuition. Your intuition is always communicating with you, be it through a thought, word, synchronicity, or something else. You may eventually have an internal dialogue with it! Intuition is a subtle sense and will communicate with you in different ways. You can use an app like ESP Trainer to help you use your intuition more and do things like guessing the next song that is about to come on during a playlist. 

Get Help With Strengthening Your Intuition

These 5 ways to strengthen your intuition have helped countless others tap into their intuition and can do so for you as well. Get started applying these tools and techniques and I am confident you will see progress in your quest to tap into your intuition. If you still have difficulty activating your intuitive superpower, I can help!

I am giving away a FREE ebook that has 15 exercises and tools to develop your intuition. I am confident you will turn on your natural psychic intuitive abilities and begin to reap the rewards of doing so!


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