Give yourself permission to receive.

Last summer, I started the habit of scheduling in ‘receiving days.’

As a business owner, mom and home owner, I realized that even on my “off” days from work, I was cooking, shopping, cleaning, and doing errands.

I never actually had one day where it was strictly for relaxation and self care and I decided to change that.

At least once a week, I schedule a “receiving day” where I allow the universe to catch up with me, I allow myself to flex my receiving muscle. (For all my psychic and mediums, this helps strengthen your receiving muscle like WHOA.)

Now, I’m not going to lie - it’s almost impossible to have a 100% receiving day 🤣 there is always SOMETHING that needs to get done, but I realized something today as I tried to have one.

Because my mind was already set on having a receiving day today, when my day ended up being me cleaning the whole house, working out, showering, making dinner, and doing a couple of hours of work - I was still just free flowing with the universe. ✨

Receiving has very little to do with having a lazy, relaxing day or having nothing on your to-do list…

Receiving is a mindset.
It’s a state of being.


Just like confidence, or surrender, the art and allowance of receiving is also a skill. I mean think about it, how many of us have a hard time receiving a compliment? How many of us go through stages of guilt or shame when we are rewarded with an afternoon to ourselves?


Regardless of who you are and what your story is, receiving is something most people (especially females) are not that good at.


But in order for us to be able to RECEIVE what it is we are calling in, we have to start flexing those muscles.


 Here is a perfect example:

Say you are training to run a 5k, but you haven't worked out in over two years, you are not going to go into the race cold turkey are you? NO! You are going to gradually work your way up! You will start with one mile, and then two miles, and then speed it up, ect.. ect... 


The same goes for receiving. 

So here’s your homework assignment:
Find a day where you can set an intention to receive. Let the day unfold as it will but keep yourself and your energy open to receiving. Just let the day flow as it wants to and notice how different it feels.

Remember, we spend 100% of our time in our minds. We better make it a nice place to be.




You are badass,

you are intuitive,

and you can have it all.


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