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How To Heal Your Heart Chakra

crystals heart chakra heart chakra healing Nov 24, 2021
heart chakra healing

Are you feeling lost and uncertain on your life’s journey? Do you lack peace, love, and compassion for other human beings? If so, your heart chakra may be out of alignment. Heart chakra healing is the first step you need to take to enable you to make wise decisions and develop loving relationships with the family, friends, and strangers around you.


What Is the Heart Chakra?

In Hinduism, chakras are focal points of diverse types of universal energy in the human body. The heart chakra is in the middle of the spine behind the heart. It is associated with peace, love, compassion, and openness. It also represents the ability to make decisions outside of karma and fate, from the perspective of yourself as a high, spiritual being rather than a lowly creature controlled by their base emotions.

If your heart chakra is broken, you may find yourself closed off to the positive opportunities in your life. Your relationships may feel dull and detached, and you may feel yourself mired in muddy feelings where there is no clear path forward.


3 Ways To Heal Your Heart Chakra

You must heal your broken heart chakra if you want to reveal your full potential and find happiness in this world. Below are three ways to facilitate this healing process.


1.     Practice Heart Coherence Meditation

 Heart coherence is a state where the human heart oscillates in synchronization with other systems in the body, such as the respiratory system and brain rhythm. It typically leads to feelings of relaxation and peace. Performing heart coherence meditation exercises, which can be as quick or as long as you need it to be, will help you open your chakra and bring positive emotions into your body.

Breathe five or six times per minute, long and deep. This practice will help calm your mind and allow your body to achieve coherence. At the same time (or separately if you don’t have the time to focus on your breathing for a few minutes), intentionally tap into a positive emotion. This can be love – for yourself, your friends and family, God, etc. – or gratitude, contentment, or another emotion that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. These feelings aid the coherence state.


2.     Keep A Journal

 Keeping a journal where you write daily or even just a couple of times a week can help you deep dive into the problems that are blocking your heart chakra.

In the pages of your private diary, you are free to share your most private thoughts about yourself and the world around you without fear of judgement. You can self-reflect on your life, as well as vocalize what is really bothering you. Ultimately, writing in a journal can help you get to the root of why your heart chakra is not aligned.

The following journal prompts can help you heal your heart chakra and open yourself up to new possibilities.


  • What is holding me back from being fully open to receiving?
  • How do I show myself the love I freely give the world?


Use the above prompts when you feel stuck and closed off to universal love and happiness. They will help you get into the right headspace to tackle your personal problems head on and unblock your heart chakra.


3.     Heart Chakra Crystals


Crystals have a powerful effect on energy: yours, as well as the people in your life and the world. They can absorb it, release it, purify it, and even transform it.

Different types of crystals correspond to different chakras, including the one for the heart. Below are 5 crystals that you can carry with you as you perform your daily tasks to keep your heart chakra aligned.


1.     Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is pale pink with a slightly translucent cast. It’s soft and sweet, like the energy it imparts. If you feel low on compassion, put this crystal in your pocket or wear it in a piece of jewelry, and feel its tender, loving effect on your heart chakra.


2.     Green Fluorite


Green fluorite is a bright green crystal that will help you feel revitalized and energetic. Kiss all your sluggish blues away because this bright shade of fluorite is here to make your day better.


3.     Aventurine


Do you encounter bad luck and obstacles at seemingly every turn, be it in romance, your career, or your finances? Then you need to carry aventurine. This opaque green stone is smooth and solid, yet it will raise your spirits along with your fortunes.


4.     Amazonite

Like it’s bright turquoise color, amazonite will make you feel happy and content with yourself and the universe. Keep this stone with you, and your heart will fill up with love and positive energy.


5.     Green Opal

The green opal amplifies positive feelings like love and openness, and sheds emotions such as jealousy that weigh you down. It’s the perfect mineral to carry or wear when you need extra help receiving all the beauty that the universe has in store for you while you shed your old self.


Conclusion: Heal Your Heart Chakra And Watch Opportunities Grow


It’s not uncommon to feel stuck in a rut and cut off from all the love the universe wants to show you. The good news is you can climb out of the rut and in a whole new world of positivity and peace that you never imagined possible. Crystals, meditation, and self-reflection are the tools you can use for heart chakra healing so you can find your place in humanity.



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