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What Intuition Means: How To Develop Your Intuition Now

developing intuition intuition intuition development psychic abilities psychic development Mar 29, 2022
How To Develop Your Intuition Now

 Have you ever had a feeling that something wasn't quite right? Maybe you've been out late at night alone, or you've had a weird feeling about someone, and you don't know why?


If so, how many times has this wrong feeling been right? 


That wrong feeling is your intuition or your gut feeling.



What Intuition Means


Intuition is the ability for someone to understand something right away without thinking about it. It is what I like to call your internal guidance system.


Our intuition isn't based on logic. It isn't the result of a carefully thought-out process that can be shared or justified. Intuition simply feels normal.


What Does Intuition Have To Do With Spirituality? 

What Chakra Represents Intuition? 



The sixth chakra represents intuition. 


As previously said, being intuitive means having a sense of knowing about something; this might also entail being a medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, or psychic. 


Learn more about the 7 chakras here: 


How Do We Use Our Intuition


Believe it or not, we use our intuition on a daily basis. 


Using our intuition can be as simple as not purchasing a product for the first time because you know it will not work like advertised. Or it can be as complex as knowing your significant other is cheating just by the way they talk.  


Can crystals enhance my intuition? 


One easy word- Yes! I love to use crystals to enhance my connection with my intuition. They also allow my intuition to speak to me on a higher level than when I'm not using them! 



Moonstone is a very feminine stone that encourages us to receive. This is why it aids in connecting with our intuition; it allows us to be open to receiving the advice and knowledge that we all possess.




It enables us to access alternative universes and deep inner regions to tap into higher levels of power, wisdom, and internal understanding.


Click here to read about more crystals to enhance your intuition: 


Tools to helps you trust your intuition


Trusting your intuition can be hard at first, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you out! 



When we take the time and effort to write something down, we give it additional force. We are now bringing non-physical thoughts, dreams, and desires into the physical realm, where they can be more easily understood.


 Keeping Tallies

We don't realize how accurate our intuition is until we keep track of it! When I initially decided to hone my psychic and mediumship abilities, the first thing I did was get an old binder and create a section where I could keep track of my accurate and not-so-accurate 'hits.'


Click here to read about more tools that’ll help you trust your intuition:  


You can also grab your free copy of my Psychic Starter Kit here. This will give you a ton of exercises and more resources that will help you enhance and strengthen your natural psychic and intuitive abilities!

5 Ways To Trust Your Intuition 


We all have intuition, in my opinion. It's not a special gift for certain people. It is available to all of us at any point in time. Some people appear to be more tuned in, but that's because they trust it and use it frequently. It's similar to a muscle in that it gets stronger with regular activity.


Here are 5 ways to strengthen your muscle and trust your intuition





EFT stands for Emotional freedom technique and is a form of psychological acupressure. 


People who practice this technique claim that tapping the body at specific points can help balance your energy and relieve pain.


The origins of EFT Tapping can be traced back to the 1970s.  Numerous doctors began tapping acupressure points to help their patients cope with stress, fear, phobias, and PTSD.  


Process of EFT Tapping


  • Start by getting things off of your chest and rating your pain or stress on a scale 0-10.
  • Establish your "set-up statement," which acknowledges the problem and adds a self-acceptance statement.
  • Begin the tapping procedure by tapping on the designated spots with your fingers.
  • Use a reminder statement as you tap to keep your attention on the problem spot.
  • At the end of the tapping, give yourself a score for how stressed you are or how much pain you are in. 
  • Repeat the process until your stress/pain level is extremely low.




Breathwork is a variety of breathing exercises and methods by changing your breathing rhythm on purpose.  People frequently engage in activities to improve their emotional, bodily, and spiritual well-being.


Tingling sensations throughout the body, feelings of clarity and alertness, enhanced mind-body connection, and sometimes emotional cleansing are all experienced by people who practice breathwork. 


Interested in trying breathwork?

Check out my Reset & Refresh bundle here.


How is breathwork different from meditation? 


Meditation is about becoming more conscious of your behavior. Breathwork is an active meditation that involves breathing practices to change your mood or mental state. 





Meditation is a method of training your attention and awareness and achieving a cognitively clear and emotionally peaceful and stable state.


According to some studies, meditation can help with blood pressure, IBS symptoms, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.


Steps to Meditating:


  • Get comfortable-


Find a comfortable place to sit and relax


  • Plan your meditation-


Think of this as making a to-do list but for the steps in your meditation


  • Become aware of what is going on in your head- 


Every thought triggers a reaction from us, and we are influenced by it. Thoughts will overwhelm you even as you sit to meditate. However, the difficulty is refusing to respond to them and letting them rule you. Allow your thoughts to come to you, soak in, and let them drift away, allowing you to return to your meditation.


  • Say a little prayer-


You are free to say anything beneficial to you or that you enjoy. It might be a single word or a phrase. Saying a little prayer will help keep all of those negative thoughts away.


  • Reflect- 


Concentrate on your body and your awareness and presence where you are.  Make yourself aware of your surroundings. Take note of how your body feels. Pay attention to your breathing and thoughts. Relax and keep your composure.

You could also meditate while taking salt baths. This is one of my favorite places to meditate, especially with some binaural beats and my sea salt recipe.




 Use your intuition everyday


Learning to access your intuition can help you avoid making bad decisions, selecting the wrong romantic partner, saving money and time, and much more.


You already use your intuition  every day without knowing it. he best way to use your intuition every day would be to practice it in ways listed above. 


Here are some examples of how you use your intuition without even knowing it- 


  • You always seem to "know" where to look in the house for misplaced objects.
  • How you know its a scammer when you get a call from a random number telling you that your credit card has questionable charges being made and they need all of your information. 
  • You refuse to open the door to the unannounced gas company inspector, only to discover later that it was all a hoax to rob people's houses. 



Listen to binaural beats and subliminal messaging

Binaural beats


When you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time, your brain creates a binaural beat.


When listening to binaural beats, your brain's activity synchronizes with the beat's frequency (the frequency-following effect).  This means that binaural beats can be used to teach your mind to achieve a specific mental state. 


Subliminal messaging


Subliminal messaging uses impulses that act just below the conscious mind's barrier.


Subliminal messages work by communicating in one of two ways to the subconscious mind: visually or audibly. However, their reach is limited to human perception. 


What is the difference between subliminal messaging and binaural beats? 


Subliminals are audio recommendations that people listen to hack their subconscious mind. In contrast, binaural beats are frequencies that can influence your mind into alpha, beta, delta, and gamma states.

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