You call it extra, I call it alignment.

I have had every reading type of spiritual reading imaginable.

Akashic records.

Human Design. 

Angel Reading.

Regular Psychic/Mediumship Reading. 


and being a Psychic Medium myself, I'm able to listen to the whispers of my soul with ease. 


With that being said - 

I know for certain that my calling here on earth is to:

1) Experience joy and alignment.

2) Teach others principles and lessons that help them achieve joy, fulfillment, and have a magical fucking existence where they are truly connected to source and their highest self.


I know myself really well. I know what makes me happy, what makes me calm, what pisses me off, and what takes me out of alignment. 


And this is what I do that keeps me in a high vibrational place that allows me to access higher levels of consciousness, connect with people that have crossed over, and just be overall happy:


I fill my life with the things that make me feel good.

I avoid the things that don't make me feel good.


My husband had this ugly sweater party he attended last Wednesday for his Jui Jitsu team. It was $60 per head for 3 food options, booze not included, with a room filled with people I don't know...

When he told me about it, I thought to myself "that sounds horrible."

I told him "If you want to go, go for it but I'd rather save the money and stay home with the boys."



During the 3 hours he was at the party, I was cozied up on my couch, no bra, enjoying my chamomile tea and my sleeping dogs beside me, while he was texting me the entire time telling me how unenjoyable the Wednesday Ugly Sweater Christmas party was. 


He put himself in a situation not because it lit him up, and he looked forward to it, but because he felt obligated to go which then ended up with him having a less than desirable experience.


Let me be perfectly clear:

I will always choose what feels good.

I will always take the road of least resistance.


And I am well aware that there will be people that will look at my decisions and my actions and label me selfish or unsupportive and honestly, I'm fine with that because that is the story they choose to create when my story is something totally different. 


What I'm saying this:

You are not selfish for only choosing things that light you up.

You are not selfish for not allowing "obligations" to fill your social calendar when you don't want necessarily want to attend.

Saying NO is self care.


Wanting to feel good, wanting to live a live filled with ease and flow is NOT selfish! 

It's a choice you make for yourself and the kind of life you want to live.

Nobody else is living your life.

Nobody is going to give your permission to be BE who you want to be and DO what you want to do.



What is something in my life right now that is not feeling good?

Is there something I can do that will make it feel better?

If I were to live my best possible life, what would I say no to?

What would I say yes to?



And remember,

You ARE intuitive,

You ARE badass,



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