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A letter to my fellow medium

intuitive development mediumship mediumship development psychic development psychic medium Apr 17, 2020

If there is only one thing I have learned in my 33 years of life it is to always follow your intuition. Always listen to that inner niggle. That calm inner guidance system that leaves us feeling protected, nurtured, and on the right path. That internal whisper is why I am writing this blog post. 


So let's start at square one. I'm a medium. I have the ability to connect with souls who have crossed over. As much as I enjoy being able to connect my clients to their loved ones who are no longer with us, being a medium is not always what it is cracked up to be. 


It requires a level of surrender that most people are not comfortable with. It requires you to take your faith, whatever that might be, and multiply it times ten.


Through my own personal journey, I have both loved and hated being a medium. 


I have loved seeing the reassurance in my clients eyes knowing that their loved ones are safe and okay and always with them.


I have loved being a part of all the inside jokes, memories, and stories that come through and seeing my clients laugh through the tears.


I have hated the times during my journey where it inflicted healing within myself that I was not ready to come face to face with.


I hated that no matter how many beautiful pieces of evidence I was able to bring through, I never felt like it was enough. 


But after all is said and done, I really am eternally grateful for this gift. 


I want to share with you a story from a reading I had today. I haven't had a mediumship reading in awhile since I have been so busy with coaching and well.. being quarantined and playing teacher to my two boys. 


I woke up today not looking forward to the reading. My stress levels are at an all time high and my mental clarity has not been something I have been focusing on these days due the the unprecedented times we are going through.


Prior to readings, I have a full self care ritual that I do in order to ensure my energy is clear and my vibrations are high but because I was busy for the whole day with my boys, I was unable to do this. 


Around 1pm, a memory popped in my head. I remembered listening to Abraham Hicks one day and they spoke about a tool they called 'segment intending.' 

You can check out the video here.

Here is the short version: Our days are compiled of different segments. Here is a little breakdown:

Wake up go to bathroom - Segment one

Take a shower - Segment two

Drink coffee and check phone - Segment three

Drive to work - Segment four

and so on and so forth...


A really simple way to manifest an upcoming positive segment, is by thinking about how you would like it occur. 


So say you are really nervous about a presentation you have to do at work, on your way to work you would take the time to think about the most positive outcome of the upcoming segment. Think of impressed your boss and coworkers will be, think of how many pat on the backs you will receive, and how relieved you will feel.

So I decided because I was not able to fully commit to my self care ritual prior to the reading, I committed to practicing segment intending instead.


I thought about how easy a connection I was going to have,

I thought about all of the evidence and heartwarming messages that were going to come through. 

I thought about how much relief and clarity my client would walk away with. 


At 2:45 I made my way upto my office and started setting the scene. At 3pm I promptly felt an energetic shift and my spirit communicator was right on time and waiting to connect with her daughter.


The reading was supposed be both a psychic reading and mediumship but it ended up being a full hour mediumship reading. 


I was able to connect my client to her mother as well as both of her grandparents. It was one of those readings that you don't want it to end because the connection was so crystal clear and the love between mother and daughter was so real and pure that you are just honored to be able to witness it.


So I guess what I'm trying to say is this:


It is easy to forget what an amazing gift this is. We get so stressed out about our everyday stresses and tasks and we can easily label our readings as another thing on our 'to-do' list.


But if we can just take a moment to remember how undeniably magical it is be able to connect people to their loved ones in the spirit world, all of the bull sh*t, all of the healing we must do, all of the control issues we hold when it comes to obtaining evidence, none of it means anything when we truly understand the magic of mediumship.


Spirit will always show up.

Spirit is always willing to serve.

It is us that need to surrender and have faith.


I hope this gets to the person that needs to see this. <3


All the love and light,




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