A light workers opinion on judgement.

“The ego cannot survive without judgement”

-A Course in Miracles


Like most people, I used to feel superior over others. Whether it was someone of a lesser moral compass, a spider that was inhabiting my home, or someone whom our beliefs and values were not copesthetic; I judged. I created an opinion about this person or thing and then decided that we were not equal and that I was superior. Judgement is natural. Whether you believe yourself to be a judgmental being or not – you judge. Our egos have made it this way. Just like how we categorize ourselves with labels, we do the same thing to others.


We call a woman who wears tight dresses and has an active sex life a slut.

We call a father who does not pay child support and does not see his children a dead-beat dad.

We a call a child who behaves and listens to adults a good kid.

We a call a mother who takes care of her children and has patience a good mom.


Whether the label be positive or negative, these are all judgments. Judgement is natural and easy. It takes effort and the ability to be unbiased to see each and every living being as an extension of source energy. Judgement pulls us farther away from who we truly are. To be in alignment, to be closer to our souls and to god. The wonderful Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best; “When you judge another, you do not define them. You define yourself.”


We are all an extension of source. We are made up of the same energy, we are all one. When we judge, our vibration decreases and it creates a barrier of sorts that pushes you farther away from your own true self.


When I think of judgement, I get the scene from Pinocchio where every time he lies, his nose grows bigger and it gets him farther away from being a real human boy. The more lies he told, the bigger his nose grow, the farther away he became from his true self (human boy.)



Go to a public place. A restaurant, a coffee shop, a park – any place where you can sit and people watch. For the first 10 minutes, observe the people around you like you usually would. If you see a child having a tantrum go ahead a mentally label the child a brat. If you see a man who disrespects the barista or waitress, go ahead and label him a jerk if that’s what you would usually do. Write down all of the judgements you accrued through these 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes is up take a break.


Before you begin the next exercise, take a couple of deep breaths and say to yourself either out loud or in your mind, “I am equal to all. I release all judgement and pray for the highest good for all.” Now for the next 10 minutes, observe the people around you with no judgement clouding your vision. Make observation of the color of their eyes, what they are wearing, what they are doing. Make these observations without any type of judgement. Your thoughts might wonder, you may find yourself creating a story to who they are as a person and what they do for a living – simply bring yourself back to being the observer, not the storyteller. Write down all of the observations. After the 10 minutes is up, look over both of your lists.

 Was the second half of the exercise a bit harder than the first? Does this exercise allow you that our first reactions are usually to judge? It is through conscious effort that we must detach ourselves from the judgements we place upon others as well as ourselves.




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