Mediumship Training Resources

Crazy... isn't it?! 

You know, the fact that at this very moment in time you are searching the internet trying to find training, or classes, or mentors, that will assist you in communicating with dead people.


I remember when I first decided to embark on this journey 5 years ago I didn’t have a clue where to start. The spiritualist movement has come in the past 200 years, but unfortunately, Psychic & Mediumship development is not a subject that is by any means popular, or mainstream.


I know for myself, I wanted to learn from not just anyone when it came to mediumship development, I wanted to learn from the best mediumship teachers out there. It took me years of searching, reading books, and finding breadcrumbs to finally find the best places as well as the best psychic mediumship teachers out there.


And now, I’m passing this information down to you in hopes that it will assist you in your psychic and mediumship development. I have put together the best resources that I myself, a Professional Psychic Medium and Psychic & Mediumship Development Mentor have used myself and have shared with my clients.


This list will include a collection of books, places, teachers, and memberships that are excellent tools for your mediumship training.


You ready? Let’s go!




The Arthur Finley College: If you want top tier mediumship training and mentoring, you go to Arthur Finley. Some of the best Psychic Mediums in the world came to Arthur Findley to further develop and enhance their Psychic and Mediumship abilities. Now offering virtual workshops and programs online as well as in person at their beautiful campus located in Stansted, England.




The Journey Within Church is a cute Spiritualist Church located in Pompton Lakes NJ and ran by well known Psychic Mediumship teacher, Janet Nohavec. What’s great about this particular school is it is essentially the United States Campus of the well known Arthur Findley school and has many great mentors and teachers hosting events online and in person. (As of October 2021, I am not sure if Journey Within is hosting in person events. You can check their website for more info.)



WHERE TWO WORLDS MEET: By Janet Nohavec and Suzanne Giesemann – I like to refer to this book as Evidential Mediumship 101. Janet is a well known Psychic Mediumship Teacher and runs the Journey Within Church (as listed above)


CHOOSING TO BE A MEDIUM: By Sharon Farber: I really liked this book as it gives many exercises to help you further develop your mediumship and psychic abilities.


INTUITIVE STUDIES: A complete course in Mediumship By Gordon Smith: Gordon Smith is an excellent evidential Psychic Medium and I have taken some of his online courses and got a lot out of them.



When it comes to learning and growing, I am obsessed. When it comes to coaches, teachers, and mentors I work under - I am very particular. A lot of my other Psychic Medium friends roll their eyes at me because I need my teacher, my mentor, to have the right vibe. They need to be really good at what they do. They need to be as passionate about this work as I am. 

I've worked with a whole bunch of Mediumship Mentors. Some were incredible, some were horrible. I'm not going to be exploiting any of the teachers that didn't meet my expectations, but I am going to tell you that when it come to finding a Mediumship Mentor, trust your intuition

Choose the mentor and teacher that you can relate to. Choose one that you are drawn to and that is passionate about the work because working with them, being in their energy is only going to lift you higher. It's going to inspire you, and make YOU a better Medium.

So with that being said, here are MY favorite Mediumship Teachers.

Tony Stockwell: In the Mediumship Development World, Tony is kind of a celebrity and with good reason. He is an amazing public speaker, charming, kind, and extremely passionate of Spirit Work. I've taken a couple of his workshops and will continue enrolling in his workshops and trainings throughout my whole career because he really is that good


Janet Nohavec: Janet has such a sweet, innocent energy and truly a walking Earth Angel. I've taken a training with her and got a lot out of it. She is also the founder of the Journey Within Church (shared above!)


John Holland: One of the best evidential Psychic Mediums I have ever seen in action! He has a very down to earth personality and brings a really great vibe to his workshops.




When it comes to developing your psychic and mediumship abilities, the most beneficial thing you can do is find a development circle or community.

Don’t get me wrong, doing practice readings on family and friends are a great way to start, and tuning into the energy of places, objects, and people are also great way to develop your psychic centers.. but the human mind needs validation. 

When you allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, and put yourself in a place where there is no judgement, you give yourself the opportunity to gain clarity and confidence which are two key components needed in this line of work.

Having a community of like minded people is not only a safe, and effective way to developing your mediumship and psychic abilities, it is also a wonderful place for your own personal healing and growth.


You can find such groups at Spiritualist Churches,, and sometimes at your local new age store.

I have my own membership called the Intuitive Life Society where I have come together with some incredible Psychic Mediums, Spiritual Mentors, and Healers and experts in their field to offer monthly classes in mediumship, psychic development, astrology, human design, breathwork, yoga, intuitive cooking classes and more. I also offer online virtual workshops and have an online course called Mediumship Fundamentals.

Check out the Intuitive Life Society Promo Video Below! 



But wait! I have more resources for you!!

I’ve gathered some of my podcast episodes that I have recorded that will be beneficial for you and your psychic and mediumship development. You can check them out below or subscribe on iTunes.


Episode 165: Answering Psychic & Mediumship Development Questions with Psychic Medium, Dana Willey 

Episode 162: So you wanna be Psychic?! with Psychic Medium, Dana Willey

Episode 144: Rituals of Spiritual Readers with Psychic Medium, Jeni Juranics
Episode 130: In the hot seat: MY MEDIUMSHIP STORY with Jeni Juranics

Episode 103: STOP Rationalizing Spirit {Personal Story}


Sending you so many good vibes on your Mediumship Journey!

You are helping so many people stepping into your light.




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