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Scenic Look-Outs

entrepenuer Nov 26, 2021
life coach for women

There is this look out point off of i95 on the way towards Rhode Island that I have driven past for nearly 30 years. I never actually stopped but it’s a beautiful section of land that overlooks the water and is near the beautiful town of Mystic Conn.


I never got off the highway to actually witness the scenery but every single time I drove past it I had the thought “I should check that out one day.”


Yet… I never do.

Most likely because by the time I reached this lookout, I am always so close to my destination I didn’t see the point of it.


There has to be hundreds, if not thousands of scenic overlooks around the United States. We know of them, we live near them, we drive past them, and yet we never actually take the time to pull off the road, even if it is just for 5 minutes, to appreciate the view. To pause. To breathe. To appreciate the journey thus far.


One of the biggest obstacles as a human for me is remembering the importance of grace and gratitude. I’m so goal oriented that I don’t register any of the mile markers and mini-wins along my journey.


When it comes to celebrations as an Entrepreneur,

I don’t do celebrations.

I don’t pop bottles of champagne.

I don’t post photos of gold balloons with numbers on them when I hit a certain revenue goal.

Sometime I don't even share my successes with family or friends. 

I just keep swimming.


I have nothing against people who do that, I LOVE seeing women make money and attain success! I love seeing examples of what is possible for females.


I celebrate my clients often because I want them to recognize how far they have come, but when it comes to my own success, and my mile markers and mini-wins, it is a completely foreign topic. The whole idea of celebrating my accomplishments is like watching a 3 hour movie in a totally different language. 

I just don't get it.

I know that 50% of this is due to past conditioning.

The other 50% is just because I've never been that type of person.


But here is the thing we must remember:

Just become we are not actively celebrating or mile markers and mini-wins, doesn't mean the universe isn't always watching.


When you don’t actively recognize or celebrate how far you have come,

The universe will put something in your path to make you recognize how far you have come.


When the universe has to step in, 

It’s not in the form of celebratory champagne, or an edible arrangement,

It shows up in the form of a situation.


The universe places you in the exact circumstances that will prove to you how far you have come. It will put you in an uncomfortable situation, or head to head with someone who resembles a past version of yourself in order to make you recognize that it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.


And it’s at those mile markers, and mini wins, those scenic overlooks that we can finally take ourselves out of the race long enough to see how far we have already come.


So the next time you drive past a scenic overlook, I invite you to take a look.

I invite you to take some time out to appreciate the journey.

To express gratitude, to give yourself grace.




And remember,

You are badass.

You are intuitive.

And you are really pretty.

Stay in touch!


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