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Spiritual Awakening Books

book dark night of the soul spiritual awakening spiritual awakening books Oct 26, 2021
Spiritual Awakening Books

Welcome. Let me start this off by letting you know I know exactly how you are feeling right now. You might be feeling lost, afraid, alone, maybe disconnected from reality.

When you hear the term 'spiritual awakening' people often think it is like running through a field of wildflowers with the sun beaming on your face. Most will believe or assume that a spiritual awakening or a "dark night of the soul" is something along the lines of a quarter life or mid-life crisis. They will roll their eyes and use quotation marks when talking about a "spiritual awakening." They will make assumptions, pass judgements, and never be able to comprehend what a true spiritual awakening entails.


But you and I, we know better.

We've been endured it. We sat in rooms filled with people while we felt utterly alone. We sat on the other side of the table of our closest and dearest friends while we began to realize the conversations we once loved being a part of, are now superficial and surface level.

We began noticing patterns, and past traumas that have shaped how we view the world as well as how we act.

We sat for weeks if not months in a state of unknowing and detachment.

We started to realize the life that we were living, no longer seemed like ours and the path we were meant to walk hasn't shown up yet.


You have most likely questioned whether or not you are losing your sanity, if you are suicidal or entering a depressive state. Basically, you feel like you have lost all control.


I experience my first spiritual awakening or "dark night of the soul" back in 2017. I remember it being one of the lowest, darkest points in my life. As supportive as my husband was, he was not able to understand the depth of what I was going through.

I was scared and alone. Yet through the grueling process, I had this unwavering faith that my soul signed up for this experience. I knew the other side of this dark time was going to bring clarity, joy, and a better life. 


When I was going through my spiritual awakening, I found clarity and comfort in the pages of books and today, I want to share my favorite ones for a Spiritual Awakening with you in hopes that they will bring you the level of peace you need while you wake up to your souls calling. 

If books aren't your thing, I invite you to tune into my podcast. There you will find monthly astrology reports, coaching sessions, conversations, and tools to help you alongside your spiritual journey.


Ready for the best Spiritual Awakening Books? Let's go!



This book is a mic drop moment within itself. Seat of the Soul is a channeled book that dives deep into the souls journey. It answers a lot of questions that one might have regarding past lives, soul groups, and the evolution and life of the soul. I am going to give you heads up, most channeled books are very dense with information and takes some time to integrate the information that you are consuming. These chapters were so packed with wisdom and information that I decided to only read a chapter per day in hopes that it will help me process and integrate the information within each chapter. It's a must read!


2. A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a world renowned Spiritual Teacher, he is also enlightened which means he no longer has an ego (lucky him!) In this book, he shares ideas to show how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness. He is also the author of The Power of Now which is another incredible book to read if you struggle with anxiety or mental health matters.



3. Light is the new black - Rebecca Campbell

Rebeccas writing style is highly intuitive and quite frankly beautiful. This book is meant to empower its readers (women, specifically) to step into their power, and answer their souls calling. The layout of the book is very unique which makes it is a very easy and enjoyable read.


4. A COURSE IN MIRACLES - Foundation of Inner Peace

Okay. So this technically isn't a book, it's more like a encycolepedia. A Course in Miracles is a self study program designed to undo the illusion that you are separate in any way from God or your fellow humans. It's deep. I mean really deep. This isn't a book you read over a rainy weekend, this is a lifelong study that most, if not all spiritual teachers have studied and taught to some extent. Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, are just some of the many well know spiritual teachers that have referred to this text in their teachings. I like to call ACIM the 'bible' for Spiritual people. This is a text that I refer back to when I am feeling a bit lost, or disconnected from Spirit and/or my higher self. My copy is filled with highlights and notes that I will pass down to my children, which will then be passed down to theirs. If you'd a keynote version of this text - you can check out A Course in Miracles Made Easy by Andy Cohen.


5. The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer

This is a book Oprah Winfrey has spoken about many times. It took me awhile to actually get myself to order it and begin to read but once I did, I realized that this book shows up in your life at the exact time your soul needs it. For me, it was the universe was speaking exactly to my soul. Many of my tears found themselves in the confines of these pages and I continue to share this book with those I feel are ready to listen. 

I hope these books help you through the spiritual awakening process and bring you closer to love, and closer to your soul. 

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