"Sometimes it's not the times you decide to fight, but the times you decide to surrender, that makes all the difference."


Raise your hand if you ever experienced a hard time letting and surrendering. if your hand isn't raised you are only fooling yourself. The art of surrender is the most powerful unutitlized tool in all of existence. (Just so you know, this statement is not coming from me, it is coming from channeled information.)


As an Intuitive Development Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I've learned so much when it comes to surrendering. The most popular problem/speed bump in a persons spiritual and intuitive development is the lack of surrender. 


I mean, let's be real: having unwavering faith can be absolutely terrifying. We are essentially allowing any control we do hold to be put in the hands of the unknown, the unseen. Even my own rational, muggle mind is freaking out just thinking about it!


If you are struggling with surrendering, whether it be in your own intuitive development, surrendering to something in your personal life, or in your current manifestation process - know this - you are not alone.


This morning I received a download in my meditation. This download felt different than the information I receive from my personal spirit guides. It felt like it was coming from a type of authority figure. I asked who they were and they basically told me they would tell me once I completed this task [which was sharing this information with my platform.]


So... here I am... Doing what Spirit tells me to do.



Here is the channeled message I received:

Now more than ever people must surrender to what is.

In a time where control equals power, one is extremely hesitant on the topic of surrendering.

You have been conditioned by society to believe that surrendering is equivalent to failing, that it is a lack of ambition, or lack of strength and integrity. 

This is false.

Surrendering is the process of receiving.

Surrendering is pivotal notion in the process of enlightenment.


One must fully surrender in order to achieve greatness in life.

Whether it be in business, personal, or everyday circumstances.


The need for control has become more important the the desire for faith.


It takes commitment to master the art of surrendering and the practice of surrendering must be done everyday, in one way or another.


We will now share with you 3 tools that will allow the human collective to practice the art of surrendering as it is needed in the present reality of these changing times.


And there you have it kids, from the horses mouth: you need to work on surrendering. 


Here are the three tools that they shared with me:

1) State out loud "I choose to surrender to the current moment. I allow source to take control of the situation." 

Begin this exercise by starting small. Whether it be a boring, household task that brings a lot of anger and frustration your way or if it is something occurring in your personal relationships. When you get to the boiling point of wanting to completely take control over the situation, put your right hand over your heart, left hand in the air, close your eyes and state the above statement out loud. Say it a couple of times if necessary. Be present in your body during this time and notice how your energy begins to shift. 


Oh and just so you know, surrendering to and saying this statement in front of the piles of unfolded laundry will not magically fold and put them away. I tried it, it didn't work.

2) At the start of each morning, begin your day by finding one thing that you can commit to surrendering to. Here are some examples:

  1. Surrender to having a uneasy conversation that you have been avoiding.
  2. Surrender to pleasure (have an orgasm.)
  3. Surrender to a compliment ( allow someone to give you a compliment and instead of complimenting them back, or saying something like "oh, stop!" just receive the compliment openly without hesitation!
  4. Surrender to your children -If your kids are driving you off the wall, surrender and let them have what they want. It's not going to kill them to have 8,000 snacks in one day or watch hours of surprise eggs on YouTube. You have to put your mental health as a top priority. 

3. Visualize for 5 minutes on the question, "if I completely surrendered what would my life look like."

Now... try not to take this too literally. Surrendering to the mess that is our house is not going to send a magical cleaning crew to come clean it. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety this can be an extremely powerful tool for you. 

Anxiety stems from a fear based thought. A worry of the unknown or a future event. So if you are feeling anxiety over something take 10 minutes to free yourself on any distraction and ask yourself this question. 


You'd be surprised that even if your brain automatically brings you to the worst case scenario, it is still something that you can handle.




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