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A thank you to everyone who has wronged me.

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Thank you to the kid in my 7th grade class that made up a nasty rumor about me and then proceeded to tell all of the popular kids about it. The rumor and commotion around it got so bad I became suicidal and needed to be put into a mental health facility to cope with these thoughts and depression. If it weren’t for you, I would never have known how much emotional turmoil I could endure.


Thank you to the staff of my middle school that tolerated the bullying and peer abuse I was victim of. Thank you for labeling me the problem and thinking it best for me to be sent to an alternative school rather than face the problem in a diplomatic way and teach my abusers how inappropriate their actions were. If it wasn’t for your lack of action – I never would have created my strong desire to stand up for the underdog.


Thank you to the girl who stuffed a note in my locker with a stick figure of me hanging myself with the caption ‘KILL YOURSELF BITCH.’ If it wasn’t for your note, I would never have known just how broken you are and how much empathy you lack. Later on in my life, I learned that hurt people hurt people. So I pray you have found the healing you needed and are living a life filled with love.


Thank you to the therapists that my parents forced me to go to for 3 years who didn’t have a clue what a highly sensitive person/empath was or the characteristic of one. If it wasn’t for your lack of knowledge, I never would have become an expert in the field and been able to self diagnose myself and help others embrace their sensitivity.


Thank you to the staff at the alternative school I was sent to for not punishing the delinquent who stole $60 from my purse. If it wasn’t for you, I never would have known that money was abundant, and it comes to me naturally and with ease.


Thank you to my fellow students of the various alternative schools I had to go to for labeling me “heffer” “fucking cow” “stupid cunt” and “brewshit” if it wasn’t for these names that you labeled me, I never would have realized that your opinion of me is none of my business and that the only opinion that matters is mine.


Thank you to the guy who gave me a vicodin and proceeded to take advantage of me when I was 17. If it wasn’t for you, I never would have realized that some men are just fucking dirt bags. I also enjoyed learning about the other two girls you did this too years later. I hope to god that they do not believe this was THEIR fault and that they were able to forgive themselves as well as you.


Thank you to 95% of my graduating class for knowing everything I have been through and seeing the pain in my eyes while I walked the hallways and never showing an ounce of empathy or even a kind smile. You taught me empathy, and it is now one of my greatest superpowers.


Thank you to the MOMS Club I was a part of. Your narcissism, infidelity, toxic relationships, control tendencies, and edited reality you put on the internet made me realize all the things I DON’T WANT in my life.


I refuse to be victim of my past.


Hindsight is 20/20.

Everything in my life has taught me something.

I learned long ago that playing victim gets you absolutely nowhere.

Every experience comes with a lesson.

Every heartbreak gives you the opportunity to love yourself a bit more.


Regret nothing.

Learn from everything.




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