The Best Spiritual Awakening Books That You Need To Buy Now

Are you a newcomer to spirituality or a spiritual seeker? There are spiritual awakening books for everyone, no matter where you are on your spiritual path. Spiritual awakenings can take years for some people, while they can happen immediately for others. 


We all need guidance along our journey, so why not read books?

What is a spiritual awakening? 


A Spiritual Awakening is one's summon to a higher state of consciousness and mental awareness. Personal discovery and a shift in one's worldview occur due to spiritual awakening. A transformation in one's conceptual framework occurs when one experiences a spiritual awakening. 


Spirituality vs Religion


Spirituality and religion are often confused, even though they are not quite the same thing. Spirituality is an experience that goes far beyond our formal existence. In contrast, religion is an institutional belief in a specific god or gods.


This means that you can be spiritually awakened and enlightened without being connected with a particular religion. Spirituality is a sense of connectivity with the divine—of inner serenity and purpose—while religions have traditional beliefs and practices.


How do you have a spiritual awakening? 


Typically, spiritual awakenings take place after a life-changing event such as a traumatic event, major changes, near-death experience, existential crisis, or natural awakenings. 


What are the stages of a spiritual awakening? 



  • The Beginning


You may experience inner conflict or a sense of being separated from this world when you begin to experience a spiritual awakening.


You'll also become more conscious of your ego as a separate entity from yourself, as well as the presence of higher energy working in the universe.



  • The Question



A spiritual awakening will enlighten you to the parts of your life that need to be healed, such as childhood wounds. As you face restricted ideas and destructive behavioral patterns, you may enter a time of questioning after the process has begun.



  • Your Path


You may begin to ask about various spiritual activities to gain a sense of divine wisdom and deepen your awareness of this reality as you go on the journey to spiritual awakening. Attending spiritual religious sites, reading sacred literature, or researching various religions can help. 



  • Seeking Help



Light is shined on the wounds within your soul during your spiritual awakening journey for you to seek healing. You'll feel forced to seek help in the form of conventional treatments such as therapy, spiritual counseling, coaching services, and spiritual healing activities when these wounds become apparent.



  • Become One With The Universe



You will have a feeling of unity with the universe at this point. You may lose your sense of self-identity. This is referred to as the ego's death in psychology.


What is ego death in spiritual awakenings? 

The loss of one's sense of identity or subjective self-identity is called ego death.


What are spiritual awakening books? 

 Spiritual awakening books will help guide you along your spiritual journey. Spiritual awakening books go through all stages of your awakenings in depth.


What are the best books for spiritual awakenings?

 My three personal favorite spiritual awakening books are The Light Compass, Outwitting the devil, and The Master Key System.


3 Books for Your Spiritual Awakening That You Never Heard Of

  1. The Light Compass by Erica Russo 

The amazing thing about this book is that when you purchase it, and share it on social media (be sure to tag me! @ericawrusso on Instagram and TikTok) you will gain lifetime access to a full day virtual workshop for free! Use the link below to grab your copy on Amazon today!

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'The Light Compass' is an intuitive, transformative journey into your soul's understanding and interpretation. It's a manual for calming the energetic mind and an inspirational, practical guide to cleaning out the clutter that living in the twenty-first century brings to hectic, busy lives.  


  1. Outwitting the devil - Napoleon Hill

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'Outwitting The Devil' is a fictional discussion between Napoleon Hill and the Devil. The Devil extracts some truths from the source of evil that will assist humanity in avoiding his grasp and living a decent life. 


  1. The Master Key System - Charles F Haanel

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Many New Thought ideas, such as the law of attraction, creative visualization, and one's relationship with God, are described in 'The Master Key System.' This book emphasizes the necessity of truth, harmonious thinking, and the ability to concentrate.

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