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The Best Spiritual Journey Books To Read Now

book recommendations spiritual awakening spiritual awakening books Mar 29, 2022
spiritual awakening books


Spiritual journey books will help you along your journey so I am sharing some of my favorite with you! Spiritual journeys have been pursued a variety of reasons, including self-improvement, seeking inner peace, and discovering more about oneself. A spiritual journey might be a personal awakening or your quest for answers to life's most pressing concerns. 


What is a spiritual journey? 


A spiritual journey is one in which you discover who you are, what your life challenges are, and how to achieve harmony with the world around you.


What is the purpose of a spiritual journey? 


A spiritual journey is rarely about finding answers; instead, it is about asking questions repeatedly.


Signs you are being called to start your spiritual journey

  • You yearn for a place that you can call " home."
  • You're always trying to figure out what your meaning or purpose in life is.
  • You have the feeling that you have a significant journey ahead of you.
  • You feel lost in your life.
  • Strange synchronicities, signs, and omens are occurring around you.
  • You're unusually sensitive and vulnerable.
  • There's a feeling of longing and melancholy for something you can't place.


What are the three worlds of a spiritual journey?


Middle world


We all begin our lives in the physical realm or the middle world. We go through numerous stages of personality development and change as children and teenagers. Finally, we've all established distinct personalities as adults. However, many fail to continue our personal growth, becoming engrossed in corporate careers and the quest for wealth, status, and celebrity. 


In our daily lives, we operate inside the middle world. Even though the middle world is accountable for our ego development, many spiritual seekers overlook this crucial aspect of inner progress. Our spiritual growth will come to a halt unless we build a healthy personality. 


The middle world’s purpose is to create a healthy personality or ego. 




Consider your Soul to be a stream that flows into the ocean of Spirit. Our souls hold our destiny, purpose, and talents, as well as the ultimate meaning of our life. We must travel into the Underworld of our unconscious thoughts to reach these deep levels and traits.


Although the voyage to the Underworld might be terrifying and haunting, it is ultimately a tremendous quest. We can only wholly accept our genuine life calling, abilities, talents, and innermost values by descending into our particular Under Worlds.


The underworld’s purpose is for soul discovery. 


Upper world


A fine line is established between the middle world and the underworld at a certain point in our journey, allowing us to ascend into the Upper World. When our unconscious minds are burdened by severe traumas, trust issues, and low self-esteem, it's far more difficult to "Spiritually Awaken" to the Upper World. 


The upper world’s purpose is for us to unite with spirit. 


What are the stages of a spiritual journey?


  • Soul Searching-



The spiritual path begins with a strong desire and yearning for something greater than your ordinary daily existence. Existence may have evolved into a dry, dismal, empty, barren wasteland devoid of any spiritual dimension.


  • Learning and Awakening- 


The next stage of the spiritual path is learning and awakening. The impression of internal deadness and stagnation lifts once one has followed the 'call to journey' and began exploring the solutions. The veils are being torn away from our gaze. We become aware of new possibilities, horizons, and profound insights.


  • Mortality and Demons-

As our spiritual path progresses, we will eventually find a fork in the road. To continue to grow, we must face our demons and pass through the gates into our inner Underworld. Yes, the spiritual path is beautiful. It is, however, taxing. We must illuminate our inner darkness, investigate our shadow personas, and heal our deep traumas if we genuinely want to progress spiritually. 



  • Resurrection and Reward -

We eventually emerge from the Dark Night of our Soul's opposite side. We've been through hell and back — our hearts have been ripped open, and our minds have been dissected. However, we ultimately prevail, our Souls shining brightly and with newfound inner strength.



  • Sharing and Enlightening- 


A higher level of enlightenment is experienced when the body, heart, soul, and mind have gone through this cleaning and purifying journey. We start incorporating all of the lessons we've learned and gifts we've earned into our daily lives. This is the point at which we truly begin to walk the talk.


What are spiritual journey books?

Spiritual journey books are books written to help you fulfill your spiritual journey to the best of your capability. 



5 Books For Your Spiritual Journey 


  1. The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer 


*affiliate link: 


If you've ever wondered what it's like to be free of restrictions, to fly beyond your limits, and to find true internal peace and tranquility, 'The Untethered Soul' is the book for you. This book will change your relationship with yourself and the world around you, whether it's your first foray into inner space or you've dedicated your life to it.



  1. The Light Compass - Erica Russo 


Link/internal link: 


'The Light Compass' is an intuitive, transformative journey into your soul's understanding and interpretation. It's a manual for calming the energetic mind and an inspirational, practical guide to cleaning out the clutter that living in the twenty-first century brings to hectic, busy lives. 


  1. The Universe has your back - Gabby Bernstein


*affiliate link: 


‘The Universe Has Your Back’ is about facing your fears and believing in the cosmos. Everyone faces challenges, whether we call these hurdles, spirits, consciousness, or God. People can live happier lives with less stress by detecting these impediments and returning to a loving attitude. 


  1. A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle


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In ‘A New Earth,’ Tolle expands on powerful ideas explaining how conquering our ego-based state of mind is not just necessary for personal happiness but also for resolving global conflict and suffering. Tolle describes how our attachment to the ego causes the disorder that leads to rage, envy, and unhappiness, and how to awaken to a new level of awareness and follow the route to a meaningful life.


  1. The 3 waves of Volunteers and the new earth - Dolores Cannon


*affiliate link: 


We all have a profound desire to forgive and be forgiven. Tutu has discovered four crucial steps to healing after extensive reflection on the forgiveness process:

  • Admitting a mistake and accepting the consequences
  • Telling one's tale and witnessing the pain
  • Asking for forgiveness and receiving forgiveness
  • Restarting or terminating the relationship

It takes a lot of effort to forgive someone. It can feel like an impossible task at times. But, according to Tutu, the only way to break away from the never-ending and unrelenting cycle of grief and punishment is to walk this four-fold route.

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