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Awaken the Third Eye Chakra

brow chakra is my third eye open Nov 15, 2021
Third Eye Chakra

Are you in touch with your intuition? Then you may have a very open 3rd eye chakra. Ground yourself, connect to your spiritual side, and read on to discover your guide towards psychic abilities and greater depth of knowledge. All you have to lose is the closed-off parts of your psyche.


What is the Third Eye Chakra?


The third eye chakra is one of seven chakras, or energy centers, found at different points of your body. Ajna, the third eye, or sixth chakra, is all about:


  • intuition
  • psychic abilities
  • knowledge of self
  • imagination
  • wisdom


You can find it between your eyes on your forehead, which is why it is also sometimes known as the brow chakra. Are you finding your hand creeping up to touch this area now? Perhaps it is calling out to be awakened.


The third eye chakra is commonly associated with the deep, rich color indigo and purple fruits like grapes and blueberries, as well as lavender flavored chocolates, which can guide your internal knowledge and quest for wisdom.


History of the Third Eye Chakra


The concept of the third eye originally stems from ayurvedic traditions coming out of India. In Hinduism, you'll often see deities such as Shiva depicted with a literal third eye on their forehead. This third eye is symbolic of Shiva's ability to see into other realms.


Another culture we often see the third eye in is Ancient Egypt. In fact, the Eye of Ra can often be seen in the middle of the forehead on sarcophagi. Cultures across the world describe a connection with wisdom as being associated with that space on our foreheads. Quite the coincidence, huh?


Science of the Third Eye Chakra


When you delve more deeply into the science of the 3rd eye chakra, you often come across articles stating that there is no scientific evidence for its existence. However, since we're moving in more spiritual than scientific realms, we can explore the relationship between the symbolism of the third eye and the presence of the pineal gland.


Philosopher Renee Descartes described the pineal gland as the seat of the soul. It is located at the brain's center, right behind the space we describe as the third eye chakra. The pineal gland is responsible for:


  • receiving information related to light/dark
  • producing the hormone melatonin
  • regulate the circadian rhythm


In other words, the pineal gland is responsible for a whole lot of wisdom about our surroundings and controls much of our well-being. That's science, baby!


Fun Fact: the pineal gland is shaped like a pine cone. The Greeks and Romans often incorporated the humble pinecone into their mythology. Another meeting of science and spirituality!


Third Eye Chakra Awakening


"That's all well and good, Erica, but how do I awaken my third eye chakra?"


I understand that you're eager to get going with your spiritual awakening. When people start to explore the hidden and often forgotten world of spirituality, it is usually because they're feeling lost and disconnected.


Some signs your third eye chakra is blocked:


  • Disconnection: do you feel like you don't even know your instincts and what they might be telling you? Do you feel disconnected from yourself and others and disconnected from nature?


  • Judgment: do you find yourself being unfairly harsh on others and yourself? Often an inability to accept other people's uniqueness is a sign of being blocked off from higher consciousness.


  • Light Sensitivity: if you are sensitive to all manner of light, your pineal gland may be feeling a little out of touch.


  • Sleep Troubles: since your pineal gland is responsible for producing melatonin, it also regulates your sleep cycles. As the physical manifestation of our third eye, a blocked pineal gland can influence our sleep patterns negatively.


  • Imagination: Anne of Green Gables speaks of every day having such scope for the imagination. Is this something you feel in touch with, or can you not even remember the last time you got in touch with the full beauty of your imagination?


Are you now freaking out and terrified that all is lost in the world, you will never become one with the universe and unblock your chakras? Take a deep breath and a mouthful of tea.


Nothing in this world is ever lost, and the process of discovery is a beautiful one. Let's awaken your third eye together.


Third Eye Chakra Healing


The best way to begin to heal your third eye chakra has nothing to do with crystals and essential oils. Those are supplemental items that can be immensely helpful, but activating your third eye comes from within.


Try out this activation practice. Find a moment of stillness somewhere. Go deep within yourself and fill your heart space and third eye space with immense gratitude. Be grateful for how hard your third eye is fighting to be awakened. Thank it for giving yourself peaceful sleep and intuitive abilities. Even if both of those are yet to awaken. Thank this powerful chakra for all of its possibilities and talents.


Some helpful essential oils that can support you in your journey towards an open third eye are:


  • lemon
  • sandalwood
  • jasmine


Inhale the beautiful scents of these as you send out more waves of gratitude. You may even want to apply them directly to your third eye chakra. Just be sure to mix pure essential oils with a carrier oil to avoid burns.


About Erica Russo


Thank you for trusting me to take you on this journey into the past and your future. I, too, felt alone, isolated, and lost before my spiritual awakening in 2016. I have now made it my mission and lifelong commitment to help others on their spiritual and personal development journeys.


Would you like to discover more information on leading a life filled with intuition and intention? I have created the Intuitive Life Society to help women just like you wake up their spirituality and third eye chakra. Join here for more information.


I can't wait to see you wake up and say yes!




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