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Top Signs You're an Empath

empath highly sensitive person Aug 06, 2021



"Don't mind her; she's a very sensitive child." Does that sound familiar? Have you always felt other people's emotions as strongly as your own? Maybe crowds are difficult for you, and a restaurant full of emotions, voices, and energy to contend with makes you want to hide in a closet. Welcome, beautiful soul. You might be a highly sensitive person, also known as an empath. Let's take a closer look at what being an empath means, how you can spot one in the wild, and give you unique access to my very own free empath toolbox to guide you on your way. 


What is an Empath?

No, it isn't just the newest spiritual buzzword. Empaths typically come with a higher level of empathy than your average person. On the one hand, this is a magical superpower that can help you connect with others on our magnificent planet more easily. On the other hand, it may make you more anxious and fearful. It's hard work carrying around that many feelings! 


Top 5 Signs You're an Empath


1. Sensory Overload is Your Middle Name

Susan in accounting is wearing a new perfume. You can hear someone shouting in an office down the hall. It's hot and stuffy. Are your senses screaming? Are you struggling to tune everything out and get on with what needs to be done? 


2. You Have a Lot of Empathy 

Obviously, empathy is in the name, but what does this mean? Rather than simply understanding other people's emotions, you feel them deep inside you. Your best friend has lost their mother, and rather than merely understanding that jagged edge of emotion, you can feel it in a similar aching way to how she's feeling it. Ouch. 


3. Your Intuition is Spot On

Empaths often pick up on things without realizing they're making a note of them. They are usually correct when they reach down deep inside and listen to what their gut tells them. Did you always know your friend's ex-husband wasn't trustworthy despite a lack of proper evidence? That's intuition, baby. 


4. Others Open Up to You

"I guess I just have that kind of face," you say to a friend after the barista pours his heart out to you. As an empath, other people share personal information with you and stop being quite as guarded as they may be with everyday acquaintances. 


5. You Recharge (in Nature)

The forest, far away from city noises with your bare feet touching the earth. Blissful, isn't it? Empaths are often so drained by the overwhelming nature of being around others that they need time to rest their senses. Nature is often deeply comforting and peaceful. 


Pssst, if nature isn't accessible right now, why not give my ground and protect meditation a go? It's free!


Start building your toolbox!

Learning you're an empath can be a steep learning curve. I have made it my mission to help other people deal with this unique superpower. Sometimes it can feel a bit like a curse, but with a bit of guidance, you too can tune into your gift and ground yourself peacefully. Check out these 31 exercises and tools for highly sensitive people. 


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