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Ways to cleanse and clear your energy

clear your energy get rid of bad energy how to smudge prayer sea salt bath smudging Nov 25, 2019

Cleansing your energy as well as the spaces you spend most of your time in is a vital step is establishing a clear, sanctuary that allows us to raise our vibrations. My husband to this day shakes his head when I whip out my smudge stick and start opening up all of the windows and doors to our home. 

“Is that really necessary?” He will ask. I simply turn around and look at him straight faced and say “Do you want to take a bath in dirty water?”


The Famous Psychic Medium John Edward, whom is also a huge inspiration and mentor to me (he just doesn’t know it.) Spoke about the Importance of Energy Cleansing in his book, The Infinite Quest. He simply stated ‘Don’t you usually clean your house before having guests over for a visit? So why not do an energy cleanup to go along with the physical tidying up? You won’t be the only one to notice not just how nice the place looks, but also how good it feels.”


I stand by this statement. The more sensitive I become to energy, the more of a noticeable difference I feel after I smudge my home or take a sea salt bath. I feel refreshed, lighter, and at peace.


If you want to obtain a higher level of peace, joy, and consciousness, you have to keep the energy around you positive and cleansed of negative energies.



Smudging is an ancient ritual used in many cultures for the purification and protection. Many different religious orders and Native American cultures believe in the benefits of smudging sacred herbs as part of ceremonies and rituals.


To begin a smudging/energy clearing of your home, it is always best to open at least one window in each room of the house. Open up any doors that are heavily used that have a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic.


Start at your front door. Light the smudge stick and recite this prayer;

Into this smoke, I release all energies that no longer serve me,

All negativity that surrounds me,

And all fears that limit me.

So it is.


Trace the door frame with the smoke. Continue walking through your home with the lighted smudge stick focusing on the corners of the rooms. Repeat the prayer as you walk through your home smudging the energy. During this process, I play energy cleansing music which can be found on YouTube for an added push out the door. Be sure to smudge any or all areas your intuition guides you to.


Smudging can be done with a number of sacred herbs but the most common is Sage. Sweetgrass, cedar, lavender, and Palo Santo are other herbs that can be used in a smudging ritual.



SEA SALT – The power of sea salt has been around and well known to healers and mystics alike for centuries. The health benefits of this common household item are nothing of extraordinary. Some of the benefits include

  • An excellent source of mineral
  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Balances electrolytes & body pH system.
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Regulates Sleep


When you think of salt, think of the grains as tiny little crystals. All crystals have various abilities that give them the power to cleanse, protect, and ground energy. 100% Pure Salt, such as Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt are derived from the same natural places that crystals were formed and hold the power of mother nature within them.


Sea salt has incredible cleansing and protective abilities. Allowing yourself a sea salt/spiritual bath will give you the benefits and energetic cleansing needed to raise your vibrations and to be more in alignment with yourself.


Spiritual Bath:

Items needed:

2 Cups of Sea Salt

Essential Oils – Use relaxing scents such as lavender, chamomile, and frankincense.

Crystals – Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz work well.



Add warm water to the tub to a temperature of your liking. Use this time wisely and create a calming atmosphere. Light candles, put on some music and enjoy your time of solitude. Add the 2 cups of sea salt to the bath water. Add the crystals around and into the bath water as well as the essential oils, 5-7 drops of each oil.


As you enter the bath, ask your Angels to cleanse your Aura and to wash away all negative energies that reside within and around you. Ask them to use their white light clear all blockages and to release any unwanted energy. Soak for at 30 minutes and DO NOT rinse off afterward. You want the power of the salt to soak into your pore to get the maximum benefits.



Prayer is a powerful tool. Why? Because it is a focused intention. In the year 2000, an Israeli doctor Leonard Leibovivi conducted an experiment in which 3,393 patients were divided into two groups at random. The first group of patients had prayers designated towards their recovery and health and the second group were not prayed for. Dr. Leibovivi compared the results to his study within three separate categories, how long the fever lasted, length of hospital stays, and how many passed away as a result of infection. The group that received prayer benefited with a faster decrease of fever rate and shorter hospital stays than those who did not receive prayer. Incredible, right? And wrap your head around this, the people facilitating the prayers to the group were not praying for patients who were presently occupants of the hospital but were in fact praying for a list of people that stayed in the hospital between the years of 1990-1996 – four to ten years prior to the actual time the experiment took place! What the what? This is an excellent example of just how powerful prayer is. It can facilitate positive change in the past present and future for time is just an illusion.


In the world of spirituality, intention is the number one asset. The stronger the intention, the more powerful the outcome. Starting out as a sceptic, I used to bow my head with a slight smirk on my face as my grandmother, a Deacon of the Episcopal Church would recite a prayer before Holiday meals. Although I was baptized in the Episcopal church, I never felt completely comfortable labeling my relationship to spirit and the higher powers. During my teenage years I questioned the existence of god. My anger and fear controlled how I saw and felt about the world. I would say things like “If god was real, why is there terrorism?” My ignorance and lack of knowledge was something I am not proud of, but I believe that if it was not for the brief time that I allowed fear to rule my life, I never would have been able to open up to spirit to become the light being I am today. You must experience the fear to fully embrace the light.


The power of prayer is something all religions are aware of. Whether is Episcopal, Wiccan, Judaism – they all participate in prayer and understand the power behind it. In the small Episcopal Church in Pleasantville, NY where my grandmother presides at, in the booklet given out to the congregation as they walk in to worship, they offer a prayer list to those who are undergoing events in their life that any added blessings would be of great benefit. I thought to myself how smart and kind a gesture this is. This small church understands the power of prayer and how powerful the focused intention of many people praying for the same person or outcome can be!


Incorporating prayer into your daily routine is something that should be taken personally. This is your time and your communication to god, the archangels, and your dream team. If there is something that is bothering you, if there is a problem that exists within your life, tell them about it. If there is someone around you that is affecting your mind state, ask them to send healing to this person and to yourself. Keep on praying until you notice a difference. Remember, our natural state of being is joy – your angels will help you in any way they can to get you to a state of alignment.



Starting a prayer habit doesn’t have to be a visit to your local church once day with a vail over your head while holding onto rosary beads. Prayer is personal, it is your conversation with god, the universe, and the higher forces that guide and protect us. Prayer does not discriminate nor does it judge. The more you do it, the more you will see how it works for you and your life.


For me, requesting the most benevolent outcome has helped me on my spiritual path. There is not one day that goes by where I don’t request a benevolent outcome, whether it be big or small. All you have to do is say “I request the most benevolent outcome for (state your request.)” It will likely take you awhile to fully believe and have faith in this process but the more you do it, the more you still start to believe its power, and the more it will work for you. Start by requesting something small and work your way up to much higher demands. When I started this prayer routine, I would request the most benevolent outcome for the traffic light to turn green in a certain number of seconds, or for certain items to be on sale. I then started requesting bigger things, like opportunities and people reaching out to me. Now, the sky is the limit. I have fully entrusted my faith in the power of prayer and beautiful things has unfolded into my life. This is one of the reasons why I am writing this book, because I want YOU to harness the same power I have and obtain pure joy and abundance.


Use the power of prayer to protect yourself and your energy. When I walked into rooms where I sensed the energy was negative, I would recite the following prayer in my mind:


Archangel Michael please protect me now from all lower beings and all lower energies.  Thank you- it is done, it is done, it is done.


This simple prayer holds incredible protective power within it. Use it when you are guided to or whenever you’d like to invoke protection from the angels.




How many times have you caught yourself throughout the day living within the world of your own thoughts? How many times have you caught yourself thinking of one thought and then it bringing you to a completely unrelated thought by the end of the thinking process? Our thinking minds are frantic, overworked, stressed out monkeys high on cocaine. They are continuously running and without proper discipline, can go to really dark or strange places. Grounding is the earthing of your energy to the natural energy field of the earth. If you are not grounded you may feel dizzy, a little 'spaced out', an 'unreal' feeling, off balance, or generally out of sorts. Some examples of feeling ungrounded could be after long, stressful day at work or if you are a stay at home mom, a stressful day at home with the kids. Running around and being overly scheduled and in high stress deadlines can bring on the side effected of being ungrounded as well. It’s important to know when you are not grounded so that you can easily bring yourself back to being grounded.


Protection, is exactly what it states; protection. Protecting our energy from outside influences and sources is something that should be overlooked. I cannot tell you how many times I have had people come to me feeling out of sorts and disoriented to come to find out that they were holding onto others negative energy and emotions. When your spouse comes home from having a terrible day at work, don’t you begin to feel the same negative emotions they are going through? When someone close to you is dealing with hardship, can’t you at times feel their pain? We are so sensitive to the energies and messages around us, we forget that most of these energies are not ours to deal with. You do not need to burden yourself with others emotions to let them know you care. Human life is hard, wear a helmet.



There are many ways to ground yourself but the technique most people use is a quick 2-5 meditation.


Grounding & Protection Meditation

Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet firmly pressed on the ground. Imagine roots coming from the soles of your feet and working their way out and down in the earth below you. Allow these roots to grow deep within the depths of the earth. With each inhale, push the roots deeper and deeper, penetrating the earths soil and working their way down to the core of the earth. Imagine these roots penetrating the earth’s core and connecting to this powerful life force. Let these roots take over this core. You are now grounded.


After you are grounded to the core of the earth, it is now time to call upon protection. In your mind state “I call upon Archangel Michael to protect me in his white and gold shining light.” Imagine a beautiful gold and white light shining upon the top of your head. Witness this light start from the top of the head and slowly make its way down to your whole body. Once this gold and white light has made its way to the soles of your feet, imagine it turning into a bubble. This bubble will protect you from all negative energies. You are now protected.

 I have a free grounding and protection meditation here.



 It takes continuous effort and dedication to maintain a good vibrational frequency. We are in a time where we are able to read energy before we listen to words. Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie or discriminate. If you have feeling something is off, trust it. Allow yourself to feel the emotions you have around certain people. Your feelings and emotions are part of your inner teacher.


I want to share a personal story. A very long time ago, in my early twenties my boyfriend’s brother (who is now my brother in law) started dating a girl. From the moment I met her, there was something about her that I did not like. From the outside, she looked like a totally normal, sweet person. Good grades, a long list of friends, social; all of our friends looked at me like I was judgmental and crazy. They all thought she was fun and friendly, yet my feelings and emotions towards her were extremely negative. I felt uneasy around her, I knew there was something about that nobody else was picking up but myself. Their relationship was tumultuous and toxic. They were constantly breaking up and getting back together. She created a lot of problems for my future brother in law. After two years of on again, off again spats in their relationship – She attended a party for her best friends 18th birthday. She made the decision to cheat on my brother in-law and inform of it while she was doing it. This led my brother in law to get in contact with all of his friends, including my husband, to drive to the party to confront his girlfriend and to start a 40 person brawl. The fight was so bad 5 cop cars and 2 ambulances showed up to the scene.


Car windows were smashed, noses were broken, the participants were bloodied and beaten all because of one girls heartless attempt to be vindictive and cruel. When I awoke the next morning to the news, I was shocked and disgusted.


While I digested the news, a small, quiet voice said ‘you knew all along.’

It was right. My intuition knew from the moment I met her that she was trouble with a capital T. Those unspoken energetic imprints and vibrations that I was picking up from her were 100% authentic. Your energy speaks before you even say one word.


Our society suppresses the power our feeling and emotions have because there is no factual evidence behind it. Our left brain has overpowered the way we retrieve and perceive information. We are natural analysts and yet we don’t take the time to analyze our feelings. Our feelings are one of our connections to our higher selves. Just because the fence is white, the flowers are pruned, and the grass is green, doesn’t mean there is not any mold asbestos growing within the walls. The well-known quote, image is everything should be thrown away, burned, or flushed down the toilet. We should be living our lives reciting this instead;


Image is NOTHING – Energy is EVERYTHING.



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