What to charge in your Spiritual Business...

When you own and run a spiritual practice, setting boundaries is one of the most important things one must do in order to achieve success. When we decide to start a business or practice offering our services - whether it be energy healing, psychic reading, hypnosis, the main objective is to create revenue.


Many healers and light workers struggle with the concept of charging for their services. They find it hard to ask for money as the main purpose of the services is to heal and help the client. I understand this point of view and respect those who do not charge for services but my opinion is different.


When I decided to offer my services to the public, I knew that I wanted to treat this as a business. I wanted to create something that can help sustain my lifestyle as well as give me enough revenue to keep on re-investing in my development and skill set. I built a business to help other business owners understand the power of investing in themselves - so obviously, I have invested a pretty penny into my own journey.


This level of education comes at a price. Workshops, classes and mentorships can easily reach up to the thousands. Depending on the financial investment a business owner makes in the development of their mediumship, they have to charge a certain price in a reading or a session to at least pay back the initial investment.


In an extremely saturated market, there is a wide array of spiritual businesses out there - some with price tags going into the hundreds for a single reading and others practically giving away spiritual guidance.


A huge problem that is very common within my 1:1 clients is they are undercharging for their services. There are 3 questions I ask to help my clients understand the value that they are bringing to their clients and why it is important to charge what you are worth.


So.... how do you choose your prices? What is your worth?


Here are my 3 quick questions I tell my clients to ask themselves while evaluating the cost for their good and services.


1) What is your "money story?"

What is your money story? What have you been taught to belief about money? It may not seem relevant in determining your prices but it really is! When working 1:1 with my clients, this topic is something I put a lot of energy into because in order to not live a scarcity mindset - we must understand where our mindset came from.


2) What is your investment?

All businesses come with a price tag of some sort. Remember what you have invested into your skill or trade helps you to truly understand just how much your services are worth. Have you attended workshops or taken psychic development classes? How many books have you read regarding your business?


When I first started offering psychic and mediumship readings, I made the forgetful decision of NOT looking into all of the workshops and classes I took in order to strengthen my skill. After months of offering readings for far too low of a price I sat down and actually wrote out all the money I had invested into my business and development. It looked a little like this:


Psychic/Mediumship Development Class - $20 weekly for 9 months = $720

1 day Mediumship Workshop - $150

5 day Mediumship Workshop - $585

Reiki Attunement - $350

TOTAL INVESTMENT - $1,805 (just in development and workshops)


When I saw that number I was like "WHOA."

Sure, spending a couple hundred here and there seem like no big deal and the weekly $20 for a 90 minute weekly development class doesn't seem like much but do yourself a favor, take a pen and paper and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN - IT ADDS UP QUICKLY! Your time, energy, and experience is worth more than you think. It takes seeing the actual number to understand that.


3) What is your TIME worth?

If you are anything like me, I don't just roll up to my readings and coaching sessions being high vibrational and ready to connect to spirit... don't get me wrong, i'm a high vibe girl but i'm also human. Before every reading I spend about 40 minutes smudging my sacred space, meditating, and connecting with my guides. The art of giving a true spiritual reading is something i hold very dear to my heart and I don't want to let my clients down. Do you setup a sacred space before a reading? do you meditate or pray? Your time is worth something. Remember this when pricing out your services.

 Regardless of what services you offer your clients, it is important to ask yourself these questions.

Your light is special, your voice is unique, and the help and guidance you can offer someone can be priceless.


Love & Light*


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