Give yourself permission to receive.

Last summer, I started the habit of scheduling in ‘receiving days.’

As a business owner, mom and home owner, I realized that even on my “off” days from work, I was cooking, shopping, cleaning, and doing errands.

I never actually had one day where it was strictly for relaxation and self care and I decided to change that.

At least once a week, I schedule a “receiving day” where I allow the universe to catch up with me, I allow myself to flex my receiving muscle. (For all my psychic and mediums, this helps strengthen your receiving muscle like WHOA.)

Now, I’m not going to lie - it’s almost impossible to have a 100% receiving day there is always SOMETHING that needs to get done, but I realized something today as I tried to have one.

Because my mind was already set on having a receiving day today, when my day ended up being me cleaning the whole house, working out, showering, making dinner, and doing a couple of hours of work - I was still...

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