You call it extra, I call it alignment.

alignment joy trust yourself | Posted Dec 18, 2021

I have had every reading type of spiritual reading imaginable.

Akashic records.

Human Design. 

Angel Reading.

Regular Psychic/Mediumship Reading. 


and being a Psychic Medium myself, I'm able to listen to the whispers of my soul with ease. 


With that being said - 

I know for certain that my calling here on earth is to:

1) Experience joy and alignment.

2) Teach others principles and lessons that help them achieve joy, fulfillment, and have a magical fucking existence where they are truly connected to source and their highest self.


I know myself really well. I know what makes me happy, what makes me calm, what pisses me off, and what takes me out of alignment. 


And this is what I do that keeps me in a high vibrational place that allows me to access higher levels of consciousness, connect with people that have crossed over, and just be overall happy:


I fill my life with the things that make me feel good.

I avoid the things that...

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5 Steps to strengthen your connection with your soul

Now a days, the term souls is loosely used. From soul mates, to soul searching - I can safely say that we are now living in a "soul" obsessed generation.

More and more people are quitting their jobs, packing up and traveling the world because it is what their soul guided them to do. More and more people are learning to trust the inner voice within them in order to manifest the life they have always dreamed of. 

If you are reading this, chances are you are craving for a deeper connection to yourself, to your soul. You want to tap into the universal secrets that you hold deep within yourself. 

Before we go any further - PLEASE remember that we are NOT humans having a spiritual experience. We are SOULS have a human experience.

You, my beautiful friend, have always been a soul. You have been on your journey since birth. You have endured some of your many lessons already. You have already connected in some way, shape, or form to your soul because YOU ARE READING THIS. 


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