Breathwork: Techniques For Breathing To Try Now

breathing techniques breathwork | Posted Jul 04, 2022



While not new, breathwork is currently a trendy practice. People have used techniques for breathing for thousands of years, and its roots are in yoga.


The main principle of breathwork is that when you breathe in, you nurture your body and mind while exhaling poisons and tension.


In order to effectively utilize breathwork and get the most out of the experience, you need to surrender and allow yourself to fully receive. 


What is breathwork?

Any kind of breathing exercise or method is referred to as breathwork. People frequently practice them to enhance their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

People use techniques for breathing to:

  • develop & increase self-awareness
  • release negative thoughts
  • increase happiness
  • boost immunity
  • enrich creativity
  • improve personal and professional relationships
  • process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma
  • develop life skills
  • aid positive self-development
  • increase confidence and self-esteem
  • overcome...
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Manifest | Prosper | Repeat

The week between Christmas & News Years is it's own vibe.

We spend our time recognizing the last year, holding gratitude for all of the healing, growth, and opportunities that came our way, while trying to catch our breath from the hustle and chaos of the holiday season.

Throughout the week, we will find ourselves in a daydream state, pondering the year to come. Visualizing the trips, the growth, the healing, the learning, and the integration that is set on our path.

I have to admit, I'm quite fond of the lull before New Years :)


I find myself in Hermit Mode while I catch up on some shows and give my pajamas and sweat pants a run for their money. 


During this break, I decided I wanted to create something that will help call in the new year, and give gratitude for the past. 

I wanted to bring together different experiences and trainings that would enrich the lives and the upcoming year of the participants. 

I wanted to give something that...

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