It is 8:56pm on a Friday evening.

I'm sitting in bed drinking chocolate milk still unable to make myself close my laptop, put on some binge worthy show on tv, and veg out after a long week.


I've decided that my in this blog, I'm going to throw away the already very small filter I have and just share the raw fucking truth. The stuff behind the scenes that the coaches and online content creators don't share with you on their insta stories or beautiful instagram feeds. 


I'm going to vent. 

I'm going to share my journey. 

I'm going to talk about whatever the hell I want to talk about in that moment. 


And at this moment, at 9:05pm on Friday evening, I want to talk about the shit you don't see.. The hours, the love, the hair pulling, the failures, the carefully soul inspired programs and launches that are epic failures...


As I was doing work on my computer, I always have on something in the background. Most of the time it's subliminals but...

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It's not about the money...

This morning I laid in bed with my head feeling like it was going to fall off. For the last three days i have been battling a nasty head cold and the mornings after being horizontal for nearly 9 hours do not help. 


I laid in bed as I started thinking about all the things I had to do today. 

  1. Head over to the post office to ship my fathers medicine to him.
  2. Check on my parents house, water plants, bring in packages while they are away.
  3. Grocery shop for my family of four.
  4. Shower
  5. Record a podcast episode before children get home and silence is no longer a thing.
  6. Do some behind the scenes work for my business.
  7. Record a meditation for my upcoming launch.
  8. Rotate and fold laundry

On top of getting my normal routine of:

-Getting the kids ready and on the bus by 8am

-Letting the dogs in and out 3x before 7:45am 

-Starting the first load of laundry

-Feeding the dogs before they become annoying

-Attempt to finish my first cup of coffee before it gets room temperature.


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