Crystals for the Chakras

7 chakras crystal healing crystals | Posted Nov 24, 2021

What Crystals Are Best for the Seven Chakras: Here is All You Need to Know!

The concept of chakras originated from ancient beliefs saying that chakras are basically energy centres in our bodies, with each one marking a specific organ, and so they need to be in proper equilibrium and unblocked all the time for a person's peace and wellbeing. There are also many techniques to balance the chakras, among which the most common and beneficial one is the use of gemstones or crystals.

How  to Use Crystals for Chakra Healing?

Crystals are a priceless gift of God born out of extreme pressure within the earth. They impact our mind, body and soul and have spiritual qualities. They can help enhance your wisdom and control your chakras. You can use crystals in many ways like:

  1. Doing crystal massage
  2. Place them randomly in your house
  3. Wear gemstone embedded jewelry on a daily basis
  4. Sleep with crystals under your pillow
  5.  Have crystal infused baths and drinks


  1. First Chakra: The...
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How To Heal Your Heart Chakra

Are you feeling lost and uncertain on your life’s journey? Do you lack peace, love, and compassion for other human beings? If so, your heart chakra may be out of alignment. Heart chakra healing is the first step you need to take to enable you to make wise decisions and develop loving relationships with the family, friends, and strangers around you.


What Is the Heart Chakra?

In Hinduism, chakras are focal points of diverse types of universal energy in the human body. The heart chakra is in the middle of the spine behind the heart. It is associated with peace, love, compassion, and openness. It also represents the ability to make decisions outside of karma and fate, from the perspective of yourself as a high, spiritual being rather than a lowly creature controlled by their base emotions.

If your heart chakra is broken, you may find yourself closed off to the positive opportunities in your life. Your relationships may feel dull and detached, and you may feel yourself...

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5 Crystals to Enhance your Intuition

We all can benefit from listening to our intuition more..

Or hearing the it's subtle whispers.

Our intuition speaks to us in many different ways.

Sometimes it's gut feelings, other times its goosebumps, and sometimes it's a feeling we cannot ignore.

Intuition comes at the speed of light, so many times we can end up missing it. 

Many times, the subtle whispers are so quiet that we hardly recognize anything worth allowing our conscious mind to absorb. Through my own journey, I have found tools, such as crystals have helped me decipher the internal messages and wisdom I receive on a daily basis, and I want to share some of favorite crystals for intuition with you!

There are many different ways we can get a better understanding of our intuition, but for this blog post, I'm going to share my favorite crystals that I use to connect with my intuition and allow it to speak to me on a higher volume setting. 


Ready? Let's go!


Moonstone is a very magical...

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