Leaning into your intuiton

faith intuition Jun 09, 2022

You want to know one of the very best feelings in the world?

It is in that moment that you realize that you listened to your intuition, that quiet, calm wisdom that resides within you - and you are able to take a step back and realize that your soul had your back all along. 


It is in those moments of reassurance of truths that have been engrained within you for sometime that you begin to remember how connected you truly are to the cosmos.


As humans, we tend to want tangible proof of things that we cannot quite understand. 

We want to know the how and the why.

We desire to have all of our questions answered before deciding upon taking the leap of faith.


But what if the test all along was to simply have more faith?

What if every time your intuition whispered, you would hear it and you would listen?



So when you find yourself in front of a path that you never anticipated for yourself, 

or perhaps it is time to let go of something in...

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"Sometimes it's not the times you decide to fight, but the times you decide to surrender, that makes all the difference."


Raise your hand if you ever experienced a hard time letting and surrendering. if your hand isn't raised you are only fooling yourself. The art of surrender is the most powerful unutitlized tool in all of existence. (Just so you know, this statement is not coming from me, it is coming from channeled information.)


As an Intuitive Development Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I've learned so much when it comes to surrendering. The most popular problem/speed bump in a persons spiritual and intuitive development is the lack of surrender. 


I mean, let's be real: having unwavering faith can be absolutely terrifying. We are essentially allowing any control we do hold to be put in the hands of the unknown, the unseen. Even my own rational, muggle mind is freaking out just thinking about it!


If you are struggling with surrendering, whether it...

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