Simple hacks to harness the energy of the moon cycle

Mother moon.

What can I say about her. Her power is evident. She holds intense energy and wisdom and comes to us every night, with her consistent evolution. With most 'woo' or spiritual practices I was a skeptic. 

I wondered why people made such big deals about the full moon, and the new moon, and when the moon was in certain star signs. It was not until I started keeping track of my life and the events that occurred that I noticed a concrete cycle in the phases of the moons and big life events and/or changes. I became so intrigued with this revelation! I wanted to know all the things. 

When is the best time to start a new venture?

Buy a house? Make an investment?

How does the mood effect my monthly cycle?

Here is a list of the different moon cycles and what each moon represents in their spiritual understanding.

New Moon

When you think of the new moon - think exactly that; NEW. In this phase, the moon is between the earth and sun and is not visible here on earth. Like...

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