YES. You can have the extra guac.

Today I woke up in the highest of vibes.


I spent the night in higher realms, in beautiful places, with beautiful beings. There was a moment during sleep that I had a clear knowing - that everything was going to work out. 


When I woke up, I remembered how innately supported we are.

How the universe is always listening, 

How our guides, angels, ancestors are supporting us every step of the way.

and most importantly -

How our desires and our dreams were put in our hearts and in our thoughts because they are meant for us.


Our soul knows the truth, even when our minds tell us something different.


Our souls knows how worthy we are,

how special we are,

how deserving we are -

how guided, supported, and loved we are.


It's our human that gets in the way.


It's the stress of life,

the never ending to do list,

the pressure we put on ourselves that makes us forget how perfect and accepted we are just by being us. 


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