4 spiritual people you should be following on Social Media..

Bringing in spirituality in your life can be a challenge. In a world infested with selfies, Kardashians, and bad news - we find it hard to keep our news feed filled with light, positivity, and love. 

Through various social media outlets as well as podcasts, I have cultivated a list of my very favorite spiritual teachers to follow. The people on this list bring exceptional value and guidance! And let me tell you, I'm super picky with what I allow on my news feed.

Take a peak at who made the cut and let me know in the comments if you follow others who are worth mentioning! 

1) Elizabeth April

Elizabeths positive and cheery disposition keeps you engaged and wanting to learn more. She is well known on facebook, youtube, and instagram. Although she is just 26 years old and looks like Hollister Model - this girl knows her stuff.



2) Phill Good Life

Phil is a channel, psychic, and spiritual...

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