Shadow Work Journal Prompts

journal work journaling shadow work | Posted Nov 21, 2021

Shadow Work.

The process of bringing what was once hidden into the light. It is the work of honoring both the light and dark that resides within ourselves. It is an important tool for self awareness and growth.


In this blog post, I have shared with you some personal journal prompts that help helped me in my own healing journey. 


**TIP: When it comes to doing shadow work or any type of personal growth, remember to be gentle on yourself. You do not need to go through all of the journal prompts included unless you want to. Sometimes, it take just one question to bring profound transformation and healing.**

 What qualities irritate you in other people? Do you see any of these qualities in yourself?


Think about denial. Write down your pattern of behaviors that you might be in rejecting: Over Eating? Shopping? Sex Addiction?


Ask yourself how these things make you feel. Do you feel you don’t have control? What is the issue?

When did this...

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A light workers opinion on judgement.

“The ego cannot survive without judgement”

-A Course in Miracles


Like most people, I used to feel superior over others. Whether it was someone of a lesser moral compass, a spider that was inhabiting my home, or someone whom our beliefs and values were not copesthetic; I judged. I created an opinion about this person or thing and then decided that we were not equal and that I was superior. Judgement is natural. Whether you believe yourself to be a judgmental being or not – you judge. Our egos have made it this way. Just like how we categorize ourselves with labels, we do the same thing to others.


We call a woman who wears tight dresses and has an active sex life a slut.

We call a father who does not pay child support and does not see his children a dead-beat dad.

We a call a child who behaves and listens to adults a good kid.

We a call a mother who takes care of her children and has patience a good mom.


Whether the label be positive or negative,...

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