How to conduct an oracle card reading

Interested in doing a card reading for yourself or for someone else? Ready to whip out your new oracle deck?
These steps will allow you to properly handle your oracle cards and treat them as the divination tools that they are. Whether you are reading for yourself or someone else, its important to set the intention of providing accurate, honest reading for the highest good.
These types of readings can be done in person or video conference or by phone, just like all readings; it does not need to be in person. (if you are doing distant readings obviously you will pick the cards for your client)
Step one: Set the Scene to clear your space of any former energies that may be lingering and to let spirit know you are ready to connect. Here are some things you can do to “send a signal” that you would like to connect with spirit and obtain guidance and knowledge.
  1. Smudge the area
  2. Light some candles/incense.
  3. Gather crystals and put them throughout your...
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