Feng Shui Basics

In Feng Shuai, Chi is the energy that flows in and around you, there are different types of Chi, the happy, prosperous, healthy, vibrant Chi is Sheng Chi, you are surrounded by Sheng Chi when your environment is uncluttered, clean and you are feeling bright, positive, happy and there is a calm about your space, whether this be the home, office, car, etc. Living in a home filled with Sheng Chi, you will wake each day filled with happiness and you will be awash with creative thoughts and a sense of wellbeing, you will draw to you people who have a similar outlook.
When you are feeling at odds with everything and nothing is working for you, when you are upset, unhappy, short tempered and low in energy, you have flowing around you, Sha Chi (negative energy). This can happen when you are working in a place where you are not in tune with those around you, or when you allow people into your life that are toxic. Whenever you...
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