4 Powerful exercises for Psychic Protection

We put our seatbelts on when we get into the car.
We lock the doors at night before we go to bed.
We do these things to protect ourself from things that are out of our control. 
So why wouldn't we do the same when doing any type of spiritual work?
When you open up to receive spiritual knowledge and psychic insights, you are constantly opening yourself up to both positive and negative energy. It is super important to always protect yourself and your energy of any energies that can lower your vibration and leave you feeling drained or overwhelmed.
We live in a concious and expanding universe, and when you open yourself up to obtaining higher knowledge, there is always a chance that you can run into energies that necasarrily not the best to be around. 
I am not writing this to scare you, I am writing this to let you know the importance of protecting yourself energeticially when doing this type of work.
When we open up to spirit and gain...
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