Ways to cleanse and clear your energy

Cleansing your energy as well as the spaces you spend most of your time in is a vital step is establishing a clear, sanctuary that allows us to raise our vibrations. My husband to this day shakes his head when I whip out my smudge stick and start opening up all of the windows and doors to our home. 

“Is that really necessary?” He will ask. I simply turn around and look at him straight faced and say “Do you want to take a bath in dirty water?”


The Famous Psychic Medium John Edward, whom is also a huge inspiration and mentor to me (he just doesn’t know it.) Spoke about the Importance of Energy Cleansing in his book, The Infinite Quest. He simply stated ‘Don’t you usually clean your house before having guests over for a visit? So why not do an energy cleanup to go along with the physical tidying up? You won’t be the only one to notice not just how nice the place looks, but also how good it feels.”


I stand by this...

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Sea Salt Bath Recipe

I have always loved a nice, relaxing, bath. Being able to shut off from the world and just be still. Since I have found the benefits of sea salt; I have found a much deeper appreciation to this quiet, peaceful time.
I have created my own blend of sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda(yes, baking soda.) which I include in my weekly bath. The benefits to these 3 properties are quite amazing and I highly encourage everyone to try this recipe - especially if your feeling you need a good energy cleanse.

So here is my recipe:

1 Cup Sea Salt 
1 Cup Epsom Salt 
1/2 Cup Baking Soda
I usually make enough to last me about a month. You can add essential oils, your favorite herbs, dried flowers, if you wish to give it extra pizzazz but I’m lazy and don't fee like cleaning the tub afterward.
Be sure to NOT shower after the bath. You want the benefits to sit on your skin and allow them to work their magic. It is okay to lotion up afterward.
I add...
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