Shadow Work Journal Prompts

journal work journaling shadow work | Posted Nov 21, 2021

Shadow Work.

The process of bringing what was once hidden into the light. It is the work of honoring both the light and dark that resides within ourselves. It is an important tool for self awareness and growth.


In this blog post, I have shared with you some personal journal prompts that help helped me in my own healing journey. 


**TIP: When it comes to doing shadow work or any type of personal growth, remember to be gentle on yourself. You do not need to go through all of the journal prompts included unless you want to. Sometimes, it take just one question to bring profound transformation and healing.**

 What qualities irritate you in other people? Do you see any of these qualities in yourself?


Think about denial. Write down your pattern of behaviors that you might be in rejecting: Over Eating? Shopping? Sex Addiction?


Ask yourself how these things make you feel. Do you feel you don’t have control? What is the issue?

When did this...

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A thank you to everyone who has wronged me.



Thank you to the kid in my 7th grade class that made up a nasty rumor about me and then proceeded to tell all of the popular kids about it. The rumor and commotion around it got so bad I became suicidal and needed to be put into a mental health facility to cope with these thoughts and depression. If it weren’t for you, I would never have known how much emotional turmoil I could endure.


Thank you to the staff of my middle school that tolerated the bullying and peer abuse I was victim of. Thank you for labeling me the problem and thinking it best for me to be sent to an alternative school rather than face the problem in a diplomatic way and teach my abusers how inappropriate their actions were. If it wasn’t for your lack of action – I never would have created my strong desire to stand up for the underdog.


Thank you to the girl who stuffed a note in my locker with a stick figure of me hanging myself with the caption ‘KILL YOURSELF...

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