98 Herbs & their spiritual properties

 I have always been intrigued by the medicinal and spiritual properties of herbs. I love incorporating these things into my life as well as using them for their super powerful medicinal powers! 

Here is a list of herbs and the spiritual aspects of them!

1)Ginger: power. prosperity, romance, victory.

2) Horehound: Exorcism, Healing, Mental Powers, Protection

3) Chicory Root: Favors, Frugality, Headaches

4) Lemongrass: Repels snakes, Lust, Psychic powers, Tea
5) Fennel: Protection, Healing, Money, Purification
6) Angelica Root: Exorcism, Healing, Protection, Visions
7) Celery seed: Lust, Mental Powers, Psychic powers
8) Mugwort: Strength, Psychic powers, Prophetic dreams
9) Chickweed: Fidelity, love
10) Pine: Cleansing, exorcism, Fertility, healing, Money, Protection
11) Olive Leaf: Healing, Love, Peace, Protection
12) Flax seed: Money, Beauty, Psychic powers, Healing, Protection
13) Nettle Leaf/Root: Uses:...
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