98 Herbs & Their Magical Properties

There is nothing more magical than a witches garden. There is no better way to explain it. You can FEEL the difference between a garden that is filled with possibility, healing, nourishment, and miracles and one that is meant to feed the family.


But the question is, why are witches gardens so incredibly magical? 

It's because they are not only filled with healing and delicious food and herbs, but because the witch knows the MAGICAL properties of the herbs as well. 


In this blog post, I have gathered up a whole bunch of popular herbs and their magical properties in hopes that you can find the magic in your garden and in your life ;)



1)Ginger: power. prosperity, romance, victory.

2) Horehound: Exorcism, Healing, Mental Powers, Protection

3) Chicory Root: Favors, Frugality, Headaches

4) Lemongrass: Repels snakes, Lust, Psychic powers, Tea
5) Fennel: Protection, Healing, Money, Purification
6) Angelica Root: Exorcism, Healing,...
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