Your first 5 steps with Tarot Cards

divination tarot Nov 17, 2021

So today is the day that you go on your journey with the Tarot. Maybe they were hand-me-downs from a dear relative, maybe they were a gift from a friend or maybe you just decided to buy them because you felt the time was finally right. For whatever reason, your journey to connect with them is about to start and it's a very important Journey.


So you may be asking yourself where do I begin?

How do I even develop a relationship with something that looks like just drawings on a cardboard card? 

Trust me all great tarot card readers have been where you're at right now.


That's what we all ask ourselves when we get our first deck. So don't worry you were not on your own. It is an adventure on discovering yourself and how to read the cards uniquely to you.


Here are a couple of ways that you can Bond and connect with whatever deck that you may have. Whether you're new at this or you're an old-timer and just want a refresher.


Here are some awesome steps to...

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